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Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology dates to the mid-1970s when Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Norman Weckler, Michael Wertheimer, and Wilson Wilsoncroft had the idea of inviting well-known psychologists to present informal biographies of giants in the history of psychology at the conventions of the Western and Rocky Mountain Psychological Associations.

APA Speakers Network

The APA Speakers NetworkThe APA Speakers Network is a directory of psychologists sharing their expertise in a wide range of psychology topics. Some are generic such as aging and sexuality, while others are specific like airport screening and sleep inertia.

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Review of General PsychologyThe Review of General Psychology contains articles that advance theory, evaluate and integrate research literatures, provide a new historical analysis, or discuss new methodological developments in psychology as a whole. The target audience is psychologists who appreciate both generalism as well as specialization and who share a vision of psychology as a unified discipline with common theoretical, methodological, and substantive values.

Three scandals in psychology: The need for a new approach.

This note proposes that social/behavioral studies and the humanities develop a closer relationship. Perhaps system and intuition are equally needed if our knowledge of the human world is to advance, a...

06/21/15 3:00 pm

Disorganized attachment in adulthood: Theory, measurement, and implications for romantic relationships.

Disorganized attachment has been studied extensively in the developmental attachment literature, particularly with regard to infants and children. It has not been studied from a social psychological p...

05/24/15 3:00 pm

Improving intergroup relations in the Internet age: A critical review.

In this Internet age where computer classrooms, smart phones, and tablet devices are becoming the norm, it is timely that social and educational psychologists integrate such technologies within the fi...

05/17/15 3:00 pm