Ernest R. Hilgard Lifetime Achievement Award

The Hilgard Award is chosen by colleagues from Div. 1 based on the candidate's reputation in integrating various areas of psychology. The winner will be announced at the annual convention of the APA the year of submission. The awardee will be expected to give an invited address at the subsequent APA Convention and also to provide a copy of the award presentation for inclusion in the newsletter of the Society (The General Psychologist). The awardee will receive a certificate and a cash prize of $1,500 to help defray travel expenses for that convention.

Annual deadline: Feb. 15


There are no restrictions on nominees, and self-nominations as well as nominations by others are encouraged for these awards.

How to Apply

Nomination packets should include the candidate's vitae along with a detailed statement indicating why the nominee is a worthy candidate for the award and supporting letters from others who endorse the nomination.

Nomination letters and supporting materials should be submitted electronically to Wade Pickren, PhD

Past Recipients

2013: Morton Ann Gernsbacher. University of Wisconsin-Madison
2012: Hortensia de Los Angeles Amaro, University of Southern California
: John C. Norcross, University of Scranton
2010: Ludy T. Benjamin, Professor of Psychology at Texas A & M University
2009: Linda Bartoshuk, University of Florida
2008: Danny Wedding
2007: Nancy Eisenberg
2006: Travis I. Thompson
2005: Florence L. Denmark
2004: Jeff Bitterman
2003: Lewis Lipsitt
2002: Wilse B. Webb
2001: Murray Sidman
2000: Philip Zimbardo
1998: Melvin H. Marx
1996: G. A. Kimble
1995: Daniel Kahneman
1994: Ernest R. Hilgard