Anne Anastasi Student Poster Award

The Anne Anastasi Student Poster Award is funded by the Anne Anastasi Foundation.


All psychology students are eligible.

How to Apply

Candidates should submit their poster abstract to the Division 1 posters upon call for APA convention programs.

Past Recipients


  • Audrey E. Martinez , MA, SedaTerzyan, MA, Angelyna M. Hinkle, MA, David Rosenblatt, MA, & Paul E. Haerich, PhD (Loma Linda University). Effects of temporal pressure on episodic memory.
Recognition Awards
  • Ivonne A. Florez, BA, Seamus P. Walsh, BS,Margaret Bowden, (University of Mississippi), Tracie L. Stewart, PhD (Kennesaw State University), & Stefan E. Schulenberg, PhD (University of Mississippi). Examining meaning in life as a predictor of automatic stereotyping.
  • Te Hyuk (Brian) Keum, BS, Yu Chak (Sunny) Ho, BS, Jennifer Kim, BA, Robin Hardin, BS, & Seohyun Kim, BA, Teachers College, Columbia University. Universal and culture-specific forms of stereotyping H,among Chinese immigrants with schizophrenia.
  • Matthew E. Kahler, BS, John A. Blue Star, BS, &Sean C. Woodland, BS (Brigham Young University). Measuring student schema: Structural analysis of the Young Schema Questionnaire.


  • Dana Dupuis, HBA, & Josephine C. H. Tan, PhD, Lakehead University. Opposite winter trends in atypical depression symptoms in seasonal and nonseasonal mood changes.

  • Efrat Eichenbaum, BS., Mitra Khaksari, BS, & Pamela Geller, PhD., Drexel University. Examination of African American and White women's religious coping behaviors following pregnancy loss.

Recognition awards
  • Jason Reynolds, MA, & Christine Lecker, MEd., Fordham University.

  • Mariel Buque, BA., & Sandra Lee, PhD., Seton Hall University.

  • Jessica L. Montoya, BA, San Diego State University/University of California-San Diego, David J. Moore, PhD., Anya Umlauf, MS., Ian Abramson, PhD., Nicole Duare, PhD., Jayraan Badiee, MPH., Steven P. Woods, University of California-San Diego, & HIV Neurobehavioral Research Group San Diego.


Megan E. McFarland, BS: Negative social exchange as a mediator of the relation between interpersonal relationship style and psychological distress.

Recognition Awards
  • Amy M. Racanello, MS, & Georgiana S. Tyron, PhD: Too few symptoms to diagnose? A managed-care ethical dilemma 

  • Nicole L. Fischer, MS: Acculturation and life satisfaction among west African immigrants in the United States 

  • Arti Sarma, BA, & Sharon E. Robinson Kurpuis, PhD: Self-esteem, valuing of education, and academic stress among undergraduates in Thailand 

  • Vanessa B. Watts, BS, Danita D. Wynes, BS, Miguel A. Martin del Campo, BS, Jamie Kissee, BA, Emilio Ulloa, PhD, & Audrey Hokoda, PhD: Effect of harmful family dynamics on continuous dating violence: A meditational model 

  • Ba Ole Choi, MA, Young Seok Seo, PhD, Eun Young Koh, MA, So Yeon Rhie, MA, & Eun Ji Lee, BA: Relationship between maladaptive perfectionism and suicidal ideation:The mediating effects of hopelessness, depression, and psychache


David I. Miller, BA, & Diane F. Halpern, PhD: Physics problem solving and visuospatial skills: Correlates and gender differences

Recognition Awards
  • Lindsay A. Corman, MA, & Shuki Cohen, PhD 

  • Daisy R. Singla, MA, BS, Grace H. Yeh, BA, Qi Zhao, MD, MS, & Lawrence H. Yang, PhD


John P. Mack, BA: State University of New York at Buffalo, Comparison of ethics codes across disciplines.

Recognition Awards
  • Anne C. Fernandez, BS, & Mark D. Wood, PhD 

  • Katherine E. Lunsford, Andy Monanez, MD, Russell M. Sanchez, PhD, Q. Zhang, MD, Tara Gloyna, & Lee Shapiro, PhD 

  • Minsun Kim MA, and & Young Seok Seo, PhD 

  • Matthew L. Dixon, BS, Taylor W. Schmitz, MA, and & Eve De Rosa, PhD 

  • Madalyn Marcus, MA, and & Henny Westra, PhD


Jessica Kim, BA, and & Raymond A. Knight, PhD: Efficacy of the factors of psychopathy for predicting recidivism in sexual offenders.

Recognition Awards
  • Susanna Berry, BA, & Ian R. Wells, PhD 

  • Cody D. Christopherson, BS, & George S. Howard, PhD 

  • Graciete Lo, BA, Eve Chang, BA, & Hong Ngo, BA 

  • Esther Israel, MA, MS 

  • Jessica L. Belfy, BA, Emilio Ulloa, PhD, & Audrey Hokoda, PhD 

  • Jane E. Harries, MA, & Raymond A. Knight, PhD


Karla Vermeulen: Disasters and information: Improving warning compliance decisions to minimize harm.