Committees and Task Forces


Awards Committee
Coordinator: Jocelyn Turner-Musa
Anastasi Award Chair: Carrol Perrino
Raymond Corsini Student Poster Award: Nicholas Noviello

Mary Whiton Calkins Grant
Chair: Mark Sciutto

Membership Committee
Chair: Emily Keener

Fellows Committee
Chair: Barney Beins, PhD

Programming Committee/Convention
Chair 2017: Clare Mehta
Chairs 2018: Phyllis Wentworth and Emily Dow

Finance Committee
Chair 2017: Irene Frieze, PhD

Publications Committee
Chair 2018: Irene Frieze, PhD

Task Forces

ECP Mentoring Task Force
Janet Sigal

Digital Communications Task Force
Avis Jackson
Jennifer Bazar
Ian Davidson
Emily Dow
Emily Keener
Clare Mehta
Lisa Osbeck
Kasey Power