2011 Division 1 award winners

Meet the winners of our annual division awards that were presented at the 2011 APA Convention in August
  • William James Book Award: Paul Bloom for his book, How pleasure works: The new science of why we like what we like. New York: W. W. Norton & Company.

  • The Ernest R. Hilgard Lifetime Achievement Award: John C. Norcross

  • The George A. Miller Award for an Outstanding Recent Article in General Psychology: Ariel Knafo, Carolyn Zahn-Waxler, Carol Van Hulle, JoAnn L. Robinson, & Soo Hyun Rhee, The developmental origins of a disposition toward empathy: Genetic and environmental contributions, Emotion, 8(6), 737-752.

  • Arthur W. Staats Lecture for Unifying Psychology: Ellen Langer

  • Anne Anastasi Graduate Student Research Award:

    Luis D. Medina, Individualism, collectivism, and cognitive fluency: How self-construals
    affect cognition (Under two years of graduate work)

    Michael K. Scullin, MA, What is the role of sleep in cognition, health, and aging? (Two or more years of graduate work)

  • Anne Anastasi Graduate Student Recognition Awards:
    - Kristy E. Benoit, MS, Interpretation bias in anxious mothers and their children
    - Rachel G. Higier, MA, Neurocognitive functioning in twins with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: An
    etiological perspective
    - Theresa A. Morgan, Links between temperament and function of problem behavior
    - Michael L. Sulkowski, MEd, Violence prevention and school crisis management

  • Anne Anastasi Student Poster Award: Megan E. McFarland, BS, Negative social exchange as a mediator of the relation between interpersonal relationship style and psychological distress

  • Recognition Awards:
    -Amy M. Racanello, MS, Too few symptoms to diagnose? A managed-care ethical dilemma
    - Nicole L. Fischer, MS, Acculturation and life satisfaction among west African immigrants in the US
    - Arti Sarma, BA, Self-esteem, valuing of education, and academic stress among undergraduates in Thailand
    - Vanessa B. Watts, BS, Effect of harmful family dynamics on continuous dating violence: A meditational model
    - Ba Ole Choi, MA, Relationship between maladaptive perfectionism and suicidal ideation: The mediating effects of hopelessness, depression, and psychache.

  • Alan Boneau Award
    - MaryLou Cheal
    - Harold Takooshian

  • Presidential Citations:

    The IAAP Handbook of Applied Psychology Editors (Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell)
    - Paul R. Martin
    - Fanny M. Cheung
    - Michael Kyrios
    - Lyn Littlefield
    - Michael Knowles
    - J. Bruce Overmier
    - José M. Prieto

    Handbook of Adult Resilience (Publisher: The Guilford Press)
    -  Editors John W. Reich, John Stuart Hall, & Alex J. Zautra