Division 13 Fund

The Society for Consulting Psychology (SCP), Division 13 of the APA, invites you to consider making a donation or legacy gift to fund research and educational activities in support of our mission.

In partnership with The American Psychological Foundation (a separate organization, independently incorporated from APA, set up to carry out philanthropic activities on behalf of psychology), the SCP Fund has been established to further the Society’s scientific/research and educational mission. It will encourage and support programs in research, education, and early career initiatives that will advance the profession and keep the psychological community and the public informed of developments in consulting psychology scholarship, research, and practice.

Emphasis will be on increasing public awareness of the benefits of consulting psychology principles, theories, as well as on the applicability of consulting psychology thought to organizational challenges. The Fund will target populations such as early career professionals, students from diverse backgrounds, and consulting psychologist focused on advancing the knowledge of our field. Activities may include scholarships, research, educational projects, and participation at our conferences consistent with consulting psychology principles.

The Fund’s purpose is consistent with SCP’s not-for-profit mission. Through this initiative, we hope to improve the quality and productivity of work environments by attracting talented psychologists to the field of consulting psychology, by training the next generation of consulting psychologists, by advancing consulting psychology research, and by recognizing important contributions to consulting psychology

Division 13 Fund Committee

  • Lyne Desormeaux, PsyD, Chair, 2013 SCP President 

  • Judith Albino, PhD 

  • Arthur M. Freedman, MBA, PhD 

  • Rodney L. Lowman, PhD, 2001 SCP President