Division 13 Affiliates with the
International Society for Coaching Psychology

June 18, 2012

Division 13 of the APA has entered into an affiliation with the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP). With this new affiliation, members of SCP are now given automatic status as an affiliate member of ISCP and will have access to the online journal, as well as many other benefits.

"We are excited about our affiliation with ISCP and the possibilities it affords for building a strong coaching psychology discipline worldwide with our international colleagues,” said Amy Owen Nieberding, PhD, president of SCP. “We look forward to mutual learning, collaborative contributions, and enhanced cross-cultural insights as we join together in our mutual pursuit of excellence in the science and practice of coaching psychology”.

The International Society for Coaching Psychology develops and promotes the discipline of coaching psychology by encouraging the development of theory, research and practice around the world. It has member organizations representing Israel, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and now the United States, with additional countries represented by their nomination of honorary vice presidents, including Ireland.

David Brewer, PhD, president of SCP between 2010-2012, believes that the affiliation between the two organizations will bring strong benefit to members and the clients they serve.

“Distinctive insights into personality, motivation, learning, and behavior change enable psychologists to offer special value and considerable impact as coaches. Closer collaboration between ISCP and SCP will further strengthen and broaden our understanding of how to apply psychological insights across the coaching process, in increasingly effective ways, for the benefit of our clients.”

The initial memorandum of understanding between SCP and ISCP lays the foundation for further discussion and agreement between the two organizations, including, but not limited, to:

  • Sharing of information in printed, electronic and verbal media; 

  • exchanging and assisting  with research in Coaching Psychology; 

  • finding and/or organizing and hosting professional conferences and workshops for professional development in Coaching Psychology; and

  • mutual access to materials published by the Societies.

The benefits to SCP members include the following:

  • All members, associates, professional affiliates, and student affiliates of SCP are automatically Affiliate Members of ISCP – and will have access to the online journal. 

  • Affiliates may apply for Associate or Full Membership if they so desire depending upon their qualifications / experience. 

  • Any licensed, chartered or registered psychologist may apply for full member status now. Recognition as a “psychologist” in one’s own country i.e., chartered psychologist, state/country registered psychologist or equivalent (“licensed” here in the United States) with evidence of preparation and experience in coaching psychology, and a letter of reference are required.

Subject to fulfilling the relevant criteria, full members of ISCP may, if they wish, apply for accreditation from ISCP as a coaching psychologist once they have been a member of ISCP for three months.