2013 President's Report: Quarter Four

desormeaux-lyne Greetings Division 13 Members and Happy New Year!

This month I am working the final duties of my year as president and have so much to share with you! Front and center at this point has been preparations for our annual 2014 Midwinter Conference. Conference co-chairs Carol Kauffman and Bill Berman have put together a fantastic program this year.

Leadership Changes

The newly elected SCP Executive Board Members will enter into their roles at the Midwinter Conference Closing Ceremony on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014. I congratulate each of our new officers on this recognition and so appreciate their willingness to serve.

  • Vicki Vandaveer, SCP President (2014-15)
  • John Fennig, SCP President-elect (2014-15)
  • Melanie Kinser, Domain Leader, Education (2014-17)
  • Rodney Lowman, Domain Leader, Research (2014-17)
  • Carolyn Humphrey, Secretary (2014-17)

Special thanks to Amy Owen Nieberding, rotating off the coard as past-president and Karen Wilson-Starks as secretary; for their many contributions and dedicated service. 

Communications Leader: We welcome Adam Feiner as our lead in communications. Adam will oversee internal and external communication and will also be collaborating with our Social Media Lead, Alok Sawhney, our External Media Lead, Ben Dattner and our board. Alok Sawhney has been hard at work creating our new LinkedIn account and will be managing the account.

SCP News

  • Fellows Committee: The Fellows Committee has recommended Florence Kaslow to be recognized as a fellow in SCP. I extend a hearty congratulations to Kasklow on this honor, she will be publicly recognized at the upcoming Midwinter Conference.
  • Chair of the APA Board of Professional Affairs 2014: Stewart Cooper was elected as chair of the APA Board of Professional Affairs for 2014. The Board of Professional Affairs is one of the six boards in APA Central Governance. Its focus is to promote the practice related issues of all psychologists, both general applied psychologists and health services provider psychologists. 
  • Interview with our New CPJ Editor Rob Kaiser : If you have not seen it yet. There is an interview of our new journal editor on our website.
  • SCP 2014 Awards: The Awards Committee led by Judith Albino will be recognizing David Peterson, John Fennig, Rodney Lowman and Amy Owen Nieberding at the Awards Ceremony at the Midwinter Conference.
  • SCP Presidential Citations: Katie White and Rodney Lowman will be receiving Presidential Citation for years of dedication and service to the Society. Katie White will be receiving a citation for her years of services as our administrative and accounting support and Rodney Lowman for his years of service and dedication has our CPJ editor.

Board News

Presidential Initiatives
  • SCP creates a Second Fund: The SCP Fund Committee in collaboration with APF has created a Second Fund. The creation of a second APF fund called Consulting Psychology Research Fund has been created to focus this fund on creating small grants to promote research for the division. The first SCP Fund will now focus on Education and Early Career Psychologists while our second fund will focus on research.
  • MidCareer Consulting Psychologists Summit: Our MidCareer Consulting Summit if almost full. Our midcareer psychologists are preparing case studies in preparation and will have the opportunity to hear from experts in our field thank you to Ann Bowers-Evangelista and Adam Bandelli.
  • Diversity: Becky Turner, our advocacy leader and Felix Caraballo, chair of the Diversity Committee have created a diversity statement for our society. It will be posted on the website shortly. We also just received news that the Leadership Diversity Team which includes five other divisions will be presenting at the APA conference in Washington, D.C. in August. This year the Midwinter Conference team has also organized a Diversity Reception Thursday night. Please join us.
Midwinter Conference and Summit in San Antonio 2014
We have over 250 members registered for our MW Conference thank you to the visionary work of Bill Berman and Carol Kaufman, co-chairs of the 2014 Midwinter Conference, with the help of Karen Steadman, Sam Foster, Trevor Olson and Jenna Cohen. The MW team is ready for it's "High Stakes Consulting and Coaching" Conference in San Antonio, Feb. 6-9, 2014 a success.
International Congress on Coaching and Midwinter Conference in San Diego 2015

Vicki Vandaveer, our upcoming president is working on hosting for SCP an International Congress on Coaching prior to the MW Chaired by Karen Steadman. Ann Bowers-Evangelista and Doug Riddle will co-chair the 2015 Midwinter Conference in San Diego, February 2015

In Conclusion

As a final note, I'd like to thank you, the members of our society. This has been an extraordinary year; I have been truly inspired by the commitment and passion of all that I have had the privilege to engage with this year. We indeed have something special as members of this society, let's keep building!

With Warmest Regards, 

Lyne Desormeaux, PsyD 

2013/14 SCP President