2013 President's Report: Quarter Two

desormeaux-lyneDear members,

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the APA convention in Hawaii this year! I write today with much to report since my last communication. I'm excited to be able to update you on the many activities in which SCP leadership has been busy participating and planning for the society.

New Leadership

  • Journal Editor: Rob Kaiser
    We are thrilled to announce that we have a new Journal Editor, Rob Kaiser, who will be taking over for Rodney Lowman. We want to thank Rodney Lowman who has done an outstanding job for the last 6 years and who has moved "The Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research" to a new level of excellence. We welcome Rob and look forward to his leadership!
  • Chair of Awards Committee: Judith Albino
    We also have a new chair for our Awards Committee; Judith Albino is now leading this committee and will be announcing this year's winners at our Midwinter Conference in February, in San Antonio. We just announced a new Award this year created by Leadership Worth Following for Excellence in Developing Consulting psychologists. This award is one of our many awards, such as the RHR Award for Excellence in Consulting Psychology and our Service Award.
  • Incoming Chair of Coaching Credentialing Committee: Sandy Shullman
    Beginning October 1, Sandy Shullman will be the co-leader with Judy Blanton for the Coaching Psychology Credentialing Committee (CPCC). Sandy succeeds Vicki Vandaveer who organized the committee that defined the charge, initiated the affiliation with the International Society of Coaching Psychology (ISCP), and formed a collaboration with Div. 14 (SIOP) to develop and validate a competency model for psychologists who do coaching. The co-principal investigators for the competency project are Ken Pearlman (Div 14) and Rodney Lowman (Div 13); Joan Brannick (Div 14) and Vicki (Div 13) serve as their advisors and liaisons to the two divisions. The committee received an APA CODAPAR grant and an SCP CPJ grant for key parts of the research, which is expected to be completed by end of year. Vicki will continue to support the co-pi's and the competency project team.
  • Lead on Disaster Response Sig: John Fennig
    John Fennig (President-Elect, 2014) will be leading a disaster relief SIG to help the businesses victims of the Oklahoma Disaster. John and his team have formed a collaboration with Div. 17 and have applied for an APA interdivisional grant to support the efforts of a project to develop the needed infrastructure for mobilizing volunteers as second responders.
  • Social Media/Listserv Manager: Alok Sawhney
    Many thanks to Alok Sawhney who has agreed to lead the social media strategy and will keep the society informed of member news, projects news and committees announcement on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Lead External Media: Ben Dattner
    We welcome Ben Dattner as our lead in external media. He will be working with Becky Turner, our Domain Leader for External Relations.
  • APAGS Liaison: Jane Floyd
    SCP is delighted that Jane Floyd will be our new representative for the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students. She will be closely working with Becky Turner, our Domain Leader for External Relations and our Graduate Student Committee leaders, Trevor Olson and Naomi Scott.

APA Convention and Other News

  • The Good Governance Project, in-progress, is a multi-year effort to re-invent the structure of APA Central Governance and of the processes it uses to advance psychology as a C3 endeavor. Members of Division 13, with tremendous credit to Sandy Shullman, PhD, as co-chair of GGP, were instrumental in the development of the change proposals below, all of which passed in the recent meeting of the APA Council of Representatives. The development of recommended implementation plans for achieving each of these has begun. Let's also thank our two council members, Stewart Cooper and Randy White, for all their work on the APA council on our behalf.
  • Stewart Cooper, Judith Blanton, Rodney Lowman and Randy White did tremendous work in collaboration with SIOP to change the Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology. The Guidelines were changed to be more clearly inclusive of the work that general applied psychologists do. We are grateful for their time and service on behalf of the society.
  • Ann Wheeler did a tremendous job once again this year coordinating a great APA convention for Div. 13. She will be on-boarding Mark Sirkin during next year's APA convention in Washington, D.C. Mark will step into his three year role in 2015. Thank you, Ann and Mark!
  • Florence Denmark and Paul Winum are co-chairs of the Fellows Committee. Paul had the opportunity to dialogue with the fellows at the last APA convention. Florence and Paul are growing their committee as well as preparing to send the call for nominations for fellows. They are reviewing the Fellows requirements and will be sharing with the membership their updates soon.
  • Joan Brannick represented both Div. 13 (SCP) and 14(SIOP) at the International Psychology Congress on Licensure in Stockholm this past July. She is working with the Presidential Trio and Board to have SCP represented on their future reference group.
  • Judith Blanton has been representing the Society at the ASPPB (Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards) Meetings for the past few years. She has been able to provide input to ASPPB's telepsychology task force, supervision task force, and continued professional development committee. She has worked closely with ASPPB on a number of licensing issues and will be part of a panel on licensing issues for I-O and Consulting Psychologists at the ASPPB annual meeting in October 2013, where she and SIOP colleagues will have an opportunity to speak directly to members of state licensing boards about our concerns. Judy has partnered closely with Div. 14 (SIOP) and our two divisions have found common ground on many topics such as mobility and telepsychology. ASPPB, SCP and SIOP are in the process of creating a joint Licensure of Consulting and Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (LCIOP) committee in which they will address a broad range of issues that have impact on the practice and licensure of Consulting and IO-Psychologists.
  • And last, but not least, we are very pleased to have endorsed Rodney Lowman who is running for the APA presidency. We fully support him and value what he brings to the table and know that APA would benefit tremendously from his presidency.

Board News


During the Annual Board Retreat, the SCP Board did some strategic work to create a long term strategy. This is a work in progress that will help create better continuity for the Society across Presidencies. We outlined this vision for the society. SCP is a society of members who are the go-to thought leaders for achieving organizational excellence.

We also identified three major goals:

  • Goal 1: Educate the external market
  • Goal 2: Create Viable Pathways for Excellence
  • Goal 3: Maximize organizational effectiveness for engaging go-to thought leaders

One of the major initiatives that will be undertaken is the building of a Communication Strategy by the person selected to lead the Communications Committee. President-Elect Vicki Vandaveer will oversee that work.

Presidential Initiatives

My three Presidential initiatives this year have been to continue to build the SCP Fund, to create a Mid-Career Summit and to continue to support Diversity Initiatives. These initiatives will build a strong foundation for our present members and our future members as well as ensure the diversity of thoughts and perspectives of our membership.

SCP Fund

The SCP Fund that was started in 2012 with the support of the SCP Fund Committee, the board and the APF Foundation. The SCP Fund has been established to further the Society's scientific/research, and educational mission. The SCP Fund is now at $47 thousand dollars. We have made significant progress on this goal in a very short period of time do to the generosity of many of our members and the leadership of SCP. Once the Fund has received $100 thousand dollars we will be able to create grants to further research, education and to support early career consulting psychologists.

MidCareer Consulting Psychologists Summit

My second strategic goal is to create an event at some point during the year of my presidency that will meet the needs of one specific group in our membership. This year we have decided to focus on the MidCareer Consulting Psychologists. Ann Bowers-Evangelista and Adam Bandelli have created a MidCareer MidWinter Summit a day before the MidWinter Conference in San Antonio, February 2014.

  • A Website Video on the Results of the Leadership Diversity Summit: The board has also approved a second APA CODAPAR grant proposal in collaboration with the following Divisions: Divisions 13 (SCP), 14 (SIOP), 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women), 45 (Society of Psychology Studies for Ethnic Multicultural Issues), 51 (Society of Psychology of Men and Masculinity) and 52 (International Psychology) for creating a website video on the results of the Leadership Diversity Summit. The first APA CODAPAR grant and the support of the Divisions realized a successful Leadership Summit followed by a presentation at the APA convention. This second project addresses an opportunity to create a website video about training using a Diversity Leadership paradigm within a global and diverse society. Building on the Leadership Diversity Summit (LDS) held in 2013, the LDS generated new insights and hypotheses on diversity leadership that the divisions want to share. Jean Lau Chin, Div 35 and 45, is my co-chair and is the lead researcher on the project.
  • Diversity Committee and By Laws: The board is presently in discussion to integrate diversity in our by laws and reviewing SCP's commitment to diversity across our domains. Becky Turner, our External Relations Leader, is crafting these documents with the help of Felix Caraballo, chair of the Diversity Committee.

Mid-Winter Conference, Summit and International Congress on Coaching

  • Bill Berman and Carol Kaufman, co-chairs of the 2014 MidWinter Conference, with the help of Karen Steadman , Sam Foster, Trevor Olson and our Executive Director, Chad Rummel, have been working hard on making the MidWinter Conference on High Stakes Consulting and Coaching" in San Antonio, February 6-9, 2014 a success. The invited keynote speakers will be Richard Boyatzis, Professor at Case Western University, George Bradt, author of "The New Leader 100 Day Action Plan" and Hy Pomerance, Chief Human Resources Officer at New York Life Insurance.
  • Ann Bowers-Evangelista and Doug Riddle will co-chair the 2015 MidWinter Conference in San Diego, February 2015.
  • Karen Steadman will chair the first International Congress on Coaching Psychology, which will be held a day and a half immediately prior to MWC in 2015 in San Diego.
  • The co-chairs of the 2015 MidWinterConference and the International Congress and MWC for 2015 will be working closely with our 2014 President Vicki Vandaveer and our Executive Director, Chad Rummel, to launch details of the event in the coming months.

In Conclusion

SCP Leadership is very active with membership growing and several active committees. Thank you to our membership committee and leaders Michelle Downey and Tracy Cocivera under the leadership of Karen Steadman, our Community Domain Leader. Our training and leadership committee under the leadership of Melanie Kinser and Natalie Baumgartner work closely with Carolyn Humphrey to offer valuable training to our members. We are very lucky to continue to have the support of Chad Rummel, our executive director, without whom we could not accomplish everything we set out to do this year.

We also have a thriving membership whose dialogue on our social media and our listserv value input from each other and appreciate dialogues at our MW meetings and APA, as well as at our regional meetings.

There is still a lot to accomplish for this year and in preparation for our Mid-Winter Summit and Conference 2014. We look forward to seeing you in February and to continue to dialogue on our growing multi media venues.


Lyne Desormeaux, PsyD
2013 SCP President