2014 President

Linda Reddy, PhDLinda Reddy, PhD, is a professor in the school psychology doctoral program at Rutgers University. She is the former founder/director of the Child/Adolescent ADHD Clinic and former director of the Center for Psychological Services at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Throughout her career Reddy's research, service and practice have focused on promoting the capacity of schools and families to foster positive student learning and behavior. 

New Newsletter Guidelines

To stay within new guidelines APA has placed on divisions for newsletters, the most recent issues, the PDF versions, which can be downloaded, contain the complete, unabridged content of the newsletter. The HTML versions of the newsletter are trimmer and do not include all the content that is in the PDF version.

Seeking Division 16 Leaders

Have you considered becoming an active participant in the governance of Division 16 of the APA?

The Division 16 Executive Committee is working to identify Division 16 members who are interested in being nominated for a committee or other leadership position in the division or APA. Candidates for the following positions need to be identified by mid January: President-Elect, Treasurer, Vice President for Convention Affairs & Public Relations (VP-CAPR) and Vice President for Education, Training & Scientific Affairs (VP-ETSA).

For information about the specific roles and duties of division officers, see the Division 16 bylaws. To become an active Division 16 governance, please email Dr. Linda Reddy describing your interest and attach a copy of your most recent professional vita.

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