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Past Recipients

Year Author Dissertation Title Dissertation Chair
Angie Pohl The Personal Readiness Evaluation for Postsecondary (PREP):  A development and validation study Sandra Christenson

Steve Kilgus

Diagnostic accuracy of direct behavior rating as a screener of elementary school students Sandra M. Chafouleas
Julie Herbstrith A multi-method investigation of pre-service teacher attitudes toward gay and lesbian parents Renee Tobin

Jamie Zibulsky, University of California, Berkeley

Preschoolers at risk of developing concurrent academic and behavioral difficulties

Anne Cunningham

2010 Nathan Clemens, Lehigh Univerisity Toward consensus on CBM measures

Edward Shapiro

2009 Kelly Feeney-Kettler, University of Wisconsin–Madison Early Identification of Preschool Students At-Risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Development and Validation of a Parent-Teacher Screener

Thomas Kratochwill

2008 Milena Keller-Margulis, Lehigh University General Outcome Measures and Performance on High Stakes Tests: A Further Examination of Long-Term Predictive Validity in Pennsylvania

Ed Shapiro


Brandy Clarke, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Parental Self-Efficacy: Examination of a Protective Factor for Parents of Low-Income with Young Children

Susan Sheridan

2007 Kara Giron Wisniewski, Duqesne University Delinquency, Academic Underachievement, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Longitudinal Investigation of Developmental Sequencing and Interrelated Risk Factors

Tammy Hughes

2006 Brian C. Poncy, University of Tennessee–Knoxville An Investigation of the Dependability and Standard Error of Measurement of Words Read Correctly Per Minute Using Curriculum-Based Measurement Christopher Skinner
2006 Honorable Mention Alex Beaujean, University of Missouri Using Item Response Theory to Assess the Lynn-Flynn Effect Craig Frisby and Rick Short
2005 Elisa Steele Shernoff, University of Wisconsin–Madison Transporting an Evidence-Based Classroom Management Program for Preschoolers with Disruptive Behavior Problems to a School: An Analysis of Implementation, Outcomes, and Contextual Variables Thomas Kratochwill
2004 Marsha Luginbuehl, University of South Florida The initial development and validation of the sleep disorders inventory for students Kathy Bradley-Klug & George Batche
2003 Amanda Heidgerken An exploration of the relations between parenting, children's social cognitions, and aggressive behavior Jan Hughes
2002 Kevin Fenstermacher, University of Utah An Interactive, Computer-based Social Skills Training Program: Development and Use with Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Susan Sheridan
Honorable Mention
Mary R. Levinsohn, PhD, University of Maryland Evaluating Instructional Consultation Teams for Student Reading Achievement and Special Education Outcomes Sylvia Rosenfield
2001 Aleta Ann Gilbertson Schulte, University of Wisconsin–Madison Effects of testing accommodations on standardized mathematics test scores: An experimental analysis of performance of students with and without disabilities Steve Elliot
2000 Heather Sterling-Turner, Mississippi State University "The effects of direct training, treatment acceptability, and treatment integrity on treatment outcomes in school consultation" T. Steuart Watson
1999 Clynita Jefferson, Texas A & M University Factors that Impact Parents Engagement and Treatment outcome in a School-Linked Parent Consultation Intervention for Aggressive Children Jan N. Hughes
1998 Kimberly Ray, Mississippi State University "Experimental analysis of the effects of temporally distant events on school behavior" T. Steuart Watson
1997 Robin Weiner - University of Utah Efficacy of conjoint behavioral conservation with a combined homework model to increase math homework completion and accuracy in junior high students Susan Sheridan
1996 Janet M. Drew, University of Iowa Stimulus control of clinician instructions on parent behavior via a component analysis statement Randy Kamphaus
1996 Jennifer M. Asmus, University of Iowa Use of tasks, persons, and settings to identify the stimulus control of aberrant behavior in young children David Wacker and Gregg Macmann
1995 Mary M. Chittooran, Mississippi State University "ADHDEXPERT: The Development of a Prototype Expert for the Identification of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" David T. Morse
1994 Honorable Mention William David Carlyon, University of South Florida The Development and Testing of a Model to Explain Elementary School Staff Motivation and Preference for Consultation with School Psychologists to Remediate Specific Student Behavioral Problems Howard M. Knoff
1994 Honorable Mention Pamela Burri Grossman, Texas A & M University Attachment Style and History of Parents of Aggressive Children: Effects on Response to Intervention Jan N. Hughes
1994 Jacqueline Lemme Cunningham, University of Texas "A Contextual Investigation of the International Development of Psychology in the Schools" Thomas D. Oakland
1993 Honorable Mention Ruth Kaminski, University of Oregon Assessment for the Primary Prevention of Early Academic Problems: Utility of Curriculum-Based Measurement Pre-Reading Tasks Roland H. Good III
1993 Daniel E. Olympia, University of Utah Homework Completion and Accuracy: Using Student Management Interventions William R. Jenson