Div. 16 is an exciting division with many activities and services to benefit you.


Other Benefits
  • Representation on APA boards, groups representing school psychology (in particular the National Association of School Psychologists), and other organizations concerned with children, families, and schools.
  • Awards for distinguished service, senior scientists, outstanding dissertation, and early career accomplishments.
  • Hospitality suites and social hours at annual APA Conventions.
  • Opportunities to become involved in special interest groups on topics relevant to school psychology practice, research, and training (such as ethnic minority affairs, ethics, preschool services, psychopharmacology, and women in school psychology).
  • Links to various APA programs, for instance the Minority Fellowship Programs.
  • The division currently maintains a member Listserv to facilitate communications among members. If you would like to be added to the Listserv, please contact the division’s secretary. 


Associate members, full members, and fellows of APA are eligible to become associates, members, and fellows of Div. 16. Annual dues are $45.

The Professional Affiliate status is reserved for credentialed school psychologists or other psychologists who are not members of APA. Professional Affiliates can vote for all offices within Div. 16 with the exception of Representatives to Council, and they receive all divisional benefits (such as the division journal and newsletter). Annual dues are $55.

The International Affiliate status is reserved for individuals who are credentialed school psychologists, other psychologists, or individuals pursuing preparation in school psychology who live outside the United States and Canada. Annual dues are $5.

Student in School Psychology Affiliate status is open to students who are enrolled in school psychology graduate programs with the endorsement of a faculty member who is also a member of APA. Annual dues are $20.