Applying Psychology in the Schools Book Series

Outside of their homes, children spend more time in schools than any other setting. From tragedies such as Sandy Hook and Columbine to more hopeful developments such as the movement toward improved mental health, health and academic achievement, there is an ongoing need for high-quality writing that speaks to ways in which children, families and communities associated with schools worldwide can be supported through the application of sound psychological research, theory and practice.

As such, for the past several years APA Books® and Div. 16 (School Psychology) have partnered to produce the "Applying Psychology in the Schools" Book Series. The mission of this series is to increase the visibility of the science, practice and policy for children and adolescents in schools and communities. The result has been a strong collection of scholarly work that appeals not only to psychologists, but also to individuals from all fields who have reason to seek and use what psychology has to offer in schools.

We are always looking for more authors and editors to contribute to this series. As the premier publishing house in psychology, APA Books offers unparalleled opportunity for motivated writers. Through this series, you will be paired with an appropriate series editor from Div. 16 who will work closely with you to bring your book to fruition. To learn more about this series and how to get involved, please contact series editor Melissa Pearrow.

Published Books
Forthcoming Books
  • "Assessment and Intervention Manual for Schools (AIMS©): Guidelines for Psychologists and Educators Working Together and with Other Professionals and Parents to Optimize Development and Learning of Students Kindergarten to 12th Grade" by Virginia Wise Berninger (University of Washington)  
  • "Self-Regulated Learning Interventions" by Tim Cleary (Rutgers University)
  • "Psychological Consultation: A Positive Psychology Perspective" by Jane Close Conoley (University of California Riverside), Collie W. Conoley (University of California Santa Barbara) and Connie Fournier (Texas A&M University)
  • "Translating Research to Practice: A Guide to Successful Implementation and Sustainability" by Susan G. Foreman (Rutgers University)
  • "Psychoeducational Assessment and Interventions for Children: Evidence-Based Practice" by Scott Graves (Duquesne University) and Jamilia Blake (Texas A&M University)
  • "Multi-Tiered Systems of Support at the High School Level" by Cynthia Hazel (Denver University) 
  • "Single-case Intervention Research: Methodological and Statistical Advances" by Thomas R. Kratochwill (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Joel R. Levin (University of Arizona)
  • "Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities" by Benjamin Lovett (Elmira College) and Lawrence Lewandowsky (Syracuse University)
  • "School-Based Therapeutic Interventions: Applications of Evidence-Based Strategies" by Dennis Simon (Loyola University Chicago, Private Practice)