Lizette Peterson Homer Memorial Injury Research Grant: Request for proposals

It's time to apply for our university-based research grant to study the psychological and behavioral aspects of injury prevention for children and adolescents

This program supports university-based research into the psychological and behavioral aspects of injury prevention for children and adolescents through one-year grants. Illustrative topic areas include etiological precursors and contextual contributors to injury, development of measurement tools, development and evaluation of interventions, and dissemination/implementation of such interventions.

Program Goals

  • Increased understanding of the nature and etiology of injuries in children

  • Development and evaluation of intervention techniques in this area

  • Dissemination and implementation of proven techniques in this area

Funding Specifics

  • Up to $5,000/year (not including PI stipends, indirect costs, travel/publication-related expenses)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student and/or faculty at an accredited university

  • IRB approval must be received before funding is awarded

Evaluation Criteria

  • Conformance with stated program goals

  • Magnitude of incremental contribution

  • Quality of proposed work

  • Applicant’s demonstrated scholarship and research competence

Proposal Requirements

  • A research proposal, no more than four single spaced pages including: a) a 100-word abstract, b) description of project with introduction, methods, procedures, c) a detailed budget, and d) references (all in one MS Word document).

  • A current curriculum vitae

  • Supporting faculty supervisor letter (if the applicant is a student), and

  • Proof of IRB approval or statement that IRB approval is pending.

Submission Process and Deadline

Submit a completed application to Paul Robins, PhD, Telephone: (215) 590-7594 by October 1, 2011. Questions about this program should be directed to Kim Palmer Rowsome, Program Officer.