Division 16 Candidate Statements

Linda A. Reddy, PhD: Nominee for President-elect

Meet and learn about the candidate Linda A. Reddy, running for Division 16 President-elect

Linda A. Reddy, PhD: Nominee for President-electI am deeply honored to be nominated for Division 16 President. I welcome the opportunity to continue to serve the Division in this important capacity. My professional goals are consistent with the mission of Division 16. I am strongly committed to: (1) developing and disseminating science to school practice (e.g., evidence-based assessment, prevention, and intervention); (2) system change and policy reform; (3) increasing early career psychologists in Division 16; (4) collaboratively working with all members of school psychology national and international organizations (NASP, CDSPP, TSP, ISPA); (5) strategically working with all APA Divisions, Boards and Committees on topics critically important to school psychology, and (6) increasing the visibility and distinction of school psychology science and practice to the broader field of professional psychology (APA, ABCT, SRCD, AERA).

I believe it is critically important for Division 16 to strategically increase and sustain its presence in APA governance. Relatedly, I believe it is important for us to increase our number of APA Council Representatives (i.e., 2 to 3 seats). Both of these initiatives will enhance school psychology visibility and input in important issues such as predoctoral internships, licensure, and future discussions of the Model License Act. I believe Division 16 needs to be at the “table” with other professional psychologists engaging in thoughtful (planned) discussions that inform system and policy changes, which impact children, families, schools, and communities. During my presidency, I plan to strategically work on the 2007 Division 16 priorities of promoting Science, Practice, and Policy and continue to support the important work of our three working groups (Translation of Research to Practice and Policy, Social Justice and Child Rights Working Group, and Globalization of School Psychology Working Group).

I feel prepared to assume this important role. I have been an active member of the Division 16 Executive Board for several years and a member of several APA wide committees and task forces.

Division 16 and APA Service

Division 16 Service:

  • Vice President of Publications and Communications (2008-present) & Book Series Editor (2010-present) 

  • Member of the Work Group on Translation of Research to Practice and Policy (2009-present)

  • Liaison to the Committee on Children, Youth, and Families (2008-2011)

  • Federal Advocacy Coordinator

  • Chair of Publications

  • Editor of The School Psychologist (generated over $26,000 in advertisement)

  • Associate Editor of The School Psychologist

  • Member of Financial Advisory Committee 

  • Member of Jack Bardon and Lightner Witmer Award Committees 

  • Reviewer for APA and NASP Conferences

  • Reviewer for school psychology journals (e.g., School Psychology Quarterly, Journal of School Psychology, Psychology in the Schools, Journal of Applied School Psychology, Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation) and school psychology related journals (e.g., Child Neuropsychology, Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Journal of Educational Psychology)

APA Service:

  • Chair of Interdivisional Task for Children with SED and Their Families (2012-present) 

  • Member of the Planning Committee for the Children’s Mental Health Summit (2012 - present)

  • Member of the Interdivisional Task Force for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (2006 – present) 

  • Member of the Committee on Divisional/APA Relations (CODAPAR; 2008-2011) 

  • Member of the Task Force for Violence Directed at Teachers (2008 – 2010)

As a result of my Division 16 and APA service, I have met and worked closely with many (wonderful) practitioners, faculty, members of other child practice divisions (i.e., 7, 12, 37, 43, 53, 54), and APA staff in the Division Services, Publications, Advocacy, Legal, Continuing Education, and Practice Directorate on projects related to school psychology. These professional activities have enhanced my knowledge of the organizational structure and unique processes in and outside of APA that foster effective multidisciplinary partnerships. Also, these activities have been very rewarding to me.

As Division 16 Vice President of Publications and Communications (2008-present), I have achieved several goals with my colleagues. I expanded the Division 16 Book Series (secured eight new book contracts) and supported the editorial visions of the new editors and authors. The Book Series reflects the breadth and diversity of the field by including interdisciplinary and international perspectives. I am pleased that the eight new book contracts represent early career, mid-career, and senior authors/editors. I have closely worked with the APA Book Acquisition and Legal Department on contract negotiations, design, and marketing/ advertisement. I expanded the Division’s continuing education training at the APA convention and on-line continuing education book series (generated revenues). I have forged positive relationships with APA Press, Legal, and Continuing Education staff that I hope will continue to benefit the Division in the future. I worked closely with Dr. Greg Machek (Coordinator of the Conversation Series) to enhance the distribution and recognition of the Conversation Series, video-taped interviews of leaders who have made significant research and practice contributions to the field. We have expanded the distribution of the Series nationally and internationally (generated revenues). I have increased the visibility of school psychology by working closely with APA Monitor staff on identifying feature articles that showcase the science and practice of school psychology members (over 7 APA Monitor feature articles). Finally, I fully supported the editorial visions and goals of the Editors of School Psychology Quarterly (Dr. Randy Kamphaus) and The School Psychologist (Dr. Amanda Clinton) our key publication outlets.

I feel honored and privileged to be nominated for President of Division 16. If elected, I will work diligently and closely with the Division 16, NASP, ISPA, CDSPP, TSP leaders and members, as well as all of the APA Divisions and offices to increase the visibility and distinction of Division 16.


I completed my doctoral studies at the University of Arizona. I am an Associate Professor in the APA accredited and NASP approved School Psychology Doctoral Program at Rutgers University. I started my academic career at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) where I founded and directed the Child/Adolescent ADHD Clinic. At FDU, I was the former Director of the Center for Psychological Services and co-developed nine specialty clinics (with colleagues) that provided services to hundreds of families in the Greater New York area. Throughout my career, I have been an active trainer of graduate students (teacher, mentor, and supervisor), researcher, and practitioner. I am a licensed psychologist in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania and am a nationally certified school psychologist. My research interests include the assessment and treatment of children with ADHD-related disorders, classroom assessment, and test validation and development. I am gratified to have received foundation, state, and federal funding and other recognitions for my research (e.g., 2009 Article of the Year in the Journal of School Psychology). I have published over 65 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and serve as a reviewer for over 10 peer-reviewed journals. I have co-edited or authored five books (Neuropsychological Assessment and Interventions for Emotional and Behavior Disordered Youth: An Integrated Step-by-Step Evidence-Based Approach (in press), APA Press; Empirically-Based Play Interventions for Children-Second Edition (under contract), APA Press; Group Play Interventions for Children: Strategies for Teaching Prosocial Skills (2012), APA Press; Empirically-Based Play Interventions for Children (2005), APA Press; Innovative Mental Health Interventions for Children: Programs that Work (2002), Haworth Press; Inclusion Practice in Special Education: Research, Theory, and Application (2001), Haworth Press).

In sum, my prior service has inspired me to pursue additional opportunities to contribute to the community of school psychology and professional psychology. I look forward to continuing to promote the great work of Division 16 and I welcome your support.