Karen C. Stoiber, PhD: Nominee for Council Representative 1

Meet and learn about the candidate Karen C. Stoiber, running for Division 16 Council Representative 1

Karen C. Stoiber, PhD: Nominee for Council Representative 1If elected as a council representative for Division 16 I will work diligently to make sure the voice of the division is well represented within the structure of APA. I feel prepared to assume this important leadership role as I have served for five years on the Executive Committee of Division 16. During this time, the Division has faced some challenges, including the Model Licensure Act. While on the Executive Committee I evidenced the pivotal role that Division 16 has within the governance of APA and the respect shown toward the perspective of school psychology by the other APA divisions. From my current position of past-president and past positions as president and vice president of social and ethical responsibility and ethnic minority affairs (VP-SEREMA), I have had the opportunity to participate on a broad range of activities on the Executive Committee. This opportunity has deepened my understanding of the diverse, and often complex, operations and activities undertaken by Division 16. I look forward to the possibility of continuing my participation on the Executive Committee and working collaboratively within APA through active advocacy, critical partnerships, and productive engagement with colleagues within the Division and across other divisions within APA.

Through the experience of being on the Executive Committee during the deliberations of the Model Licensure Act, I came to understand that for the division to remain vital and relevant to its constituents, it must construct innovative pathways and partnerships so that its intentions are recognized and heard by those we hope to impact. Division 16 has made many important contributions within the structure of APA and externally through its collaborative connections with other psychology and education organizations, which became very clear as part of the MLA dialogue and deliberations.

In the past two years since MLA, Division 16 has grown stronger through its commitment to moving forward by focusing efforts on unique and important areas of scholarship and school psychology practices. We have constructed Working Groups to further the knowledge and implementation of evidence-based practices and practice-based evidence; globalization of school psychology, and social equity and child rights. We are engaged in processes and the development of products that I believe will provide some of the most significant contributions made by Division 16 due to its renewed focus on its mission of providing broadbased leadership and scientificallyminded practices aimed at improving the welfare of children, youth and families. If elected as a council representative, I will remain steadfast in the pursuing thoughtful dialogue through organizational partnerships aimed at enhancing the unique expertise and qualities of school psychology professionals, and in particular, the members of D16. I believe my personal and professional passions are consistent with our Division: to explore mechanisms for expanding and enhancing the profession of school psychology; and to advocate within APA the value of school psychological services, research, and policies. I look forward to being actively involved in providing leadership to these shared goals of our division. If elected as council representative, I would be honored to contribute to the dialogue and decisions regarding how our profession can best service its D16 membership as well as the profession of school psychology.

Candidate’s Background

Karen Callan Stoiber, PhD, is professor of the school psychology program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Karen completed her PhD in educational psychology (school psychology) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1988. Since then she has been employed as a faculty member in school psychology for nearly 25 years. She currently serves on the APA Division 16 Executive Committee as past-president. Within the governance of the division, Karen has served on the Executive Committee as president and as the vice president of social and ethical responsibility and ethnic minority affairs (SEREMA). She also held the position of chair and co-chair of the Division 16 Task Force on Women in School Psychology from 1998 to 2005.

Karen has served the profession of school psychology in a number of roles, including being an associate editor of School Psychology Review and Evidence-Based Intervention Special Section Editor of School Psychology Quarterly and serves or has served as editorial board member on several journals (School Psychology Quarterly, Journal of School Psychology, Journal of Applied School Psychology, Topics in Early Childhood Special Education). Currently, Karen is an associate editor of the Communique and serves on the Executive Board of the Society of School Psychology (SSSP) as secretary. She also served as a consulting editor of the "Encyclopedia of Psychology" and "Encyclopedia of School Psychology." She previously co-chaired the Division 16 and Society for the Study of School Psychology Task Force on Evidencebased Interventions. Karen was the 2001 and 2003 recipient of outstanding article in School Psychology Quarterly awarded by the Division 16 fellows (with Thomas Kratochwill) and 2006 recipient of outstanding Journal of School Psychology article awarded by members of the Society for the Study of School Psychology (with Maribeth Gettinger).