Working group: Globalization of school psychology

This work group is developing transnational/multicultural domains and a database of readings and material on basic areas of school psychology science and practice

By Sissy Hatzichristou, PhD

The main goal of Division 16 Working Group - Globalization of SP - is to further develop transnational/multicultural domains in School Psychology science and practice. The main objectives of the WG are: I) Development of a Data Base including transnational/multicultural readings and material on basic areas of School Psychology science and practice. II) Development of a synthetic approach of transnational/multicultural School Psychology. III) Development of a network of SP faculty members and graduate students working in different countries and collaboration with Organizations.

The members of this group are: Sissy Hatzichristou (Chair), Elaine Clark, Cindy Carlson, Jessica Hoffman, Shane Jimerson, Rik Carl D’ Amato, Amanda Clinton, Meredith Summerville, Rosa Maria Mulser, Georgios Georgouleas, Theodora Yfanti, Colette Ingraham, Bonnie Nastasi, Past- Chair of Division 16 (members).

Action items already completed are: Subgroups in major areas of School Psychology have been formed and coordinators for each group have been identified. Then, basic sub-themes within major areas have been defined, and basic papers/key readings (that have multicultural perspective and/or an international focus) in most thematic subgroups have been selected. Organizational collaborators include: the International Institute of School Psychology (IISP) and ISPA trainers’ interest group. Presentations of the WG’s initiative have been made at the APA Annual Convention (2011), NASP Conventions (2011 & 2012) and at TSP (Trainers of School Psychology) meeting (2012).

Major thematic areas-groups and respective coordinators are: Assessment (Amanda Clinton), Prevention and School Based Prevention Programs (Jessica Hoffman), Transnational/Multicultural school psychology (Sissy Hatzichristou), Consultation (Colette Ingraham), Crisis Intervention (Bonnie Nastasi), Evidencebased Intervention (Shane Jimerson).

Current activities: with the help of graduate students the process of annotating key readings has started, and final decisions on the list of approved materials and deliverables (annotations of key readings and synthetic paper, book etc.) will be taken. A Transnational/ Transcultural conceptual framework across all sub-divisions will be developed and finally, the data base will be created and made accessible through Div.16 website. After Data Base has been completed, colleagues teaching and students taking courses may have the possibility to interact with their peers abroad and develop collaborative projects and course work.