2010 obituary listings

Deceased psychologists, including former Division 16 members, recognized in the American Psychologist

By Thomas K. Fagan, PhD

As a member of the advisory board that recommends who, among recently deceased psychologists, should be recognized by an article in the American Psychologist, I receive listings of such persons several times during the year. The following names have appeared in the 2010 listings and in some instances the date of death was earlier than 2010 due to late reporting to the APA. The listings only include name, and some data about birth and death dates and degrees if known. From that information, I try to compile a brief statement for those found to be members of Division 16 from listings in earlier APA directories or online resources.

Baruth, Carroll L.

DOB 5/22/1941, Died November 11, 2009. BA (1965) St. Mary’s College, MS (1969) Mankato State College, PhD (1971) University of New Mexico in Counseling Psychology, Master’s of Divinity (1972) Immaculate Conception Seminary, and EdS (1973) Mankato State College. Licensed clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist in Minnesota. Long career as director of the Center for Personal Development in MN. APA member since 1973. Last residence believed to be in Stewartville, Minn.

Blackham, Garth J.

DOB 11/13/1926, Died July 24, 2009. BA (1950) and MS (1952) from Utah State College. PhD (1954) in educational psychology, Cornell University. Licensed in clinical psychology in Arizona; ABPP in school psychology. Long career with Arizona State U. and consulted with the Child Study and Consultation Service directed by the historically well known Dr. Keith Perkins. Associate APA member in 1954 and member in 1958. Last residence in Tempe, Ariz.

Brophy, Helen

DOB 1/15/16 (Uncertain); Died March 15, 2009 (Uncertain). BS Ed from SUNY-Buffalo (1957), MA in counseling (1969) then MA in school psychology (1971) at Fairleigh Dickinson U. Former school psychologist for Wayne Township Schools (NJ). Associate Member of APA in 1972. Division 16 member in 1970s. Last address may have been Weehawken, N.J.

Cummings, Joyce Eileen

DOB 2/20/1941, Died November 9, 2010. PhD in counseling psychology from Boston College, 1977. Employed as a school psychologist 1966- 1977 Avon Public Schools; then with the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences with Worcester State College (MA). APA member since 1982. Appears to have been a Division 16 member until the mid-1990s. Last address was in Foxboro, Mass.

Hines, Laura M.

DOB 10/29/1922, Died May 29, 2009. A.B. 1945 from Virginia State College, M.A. in educational psychology, 1950 from New York U., PhD, 1978 in school psychology from Fordham U. Former school psychologist for the New York Board of Education’s Bureau of Child Guidance (1965-1979), then on the faculty of the Ferkauf College of Humanities and Social Science-Yeshiva U. 1980 until retirement. APA Associate Member (1969) and Member (1979). Last known residence in New York City. See D-16 newsletter, 2012, Vol. 66, No. 1, pp. 30-31.

Litwack, Lawrence

DOB 9/18/1929, Died April 3, 2010. B.A. (1952) University of Massachusetts; M.A. (1955) Teachers College, Columbia University; EdD (1959) at Boston University in counseling psychology. He served as a Juvenile Training Counselor at the Lyman School for Boys (1955-1957), and at Boston University he was a Teaching Fellow (1957-1958), Instructor (1958-1959), and Asst. Professor of Education (1959-1963). At Kent State University he served as Associate Professor of Special Education in the College of Education and Director of the Guidance lab, then Professor of Education (1968) and Chair of the Department of Counseling and Personnel Services (1966-1984). Returning to Massachusetts, he served as Professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology, Rehabilitation, and Special Education at Northeastern University until his retirement in 2002. He moved to the Chicago area to be near his children and grandchildren. While there he served as a senior instructor at the William Glasser Institute-Midwest Region. In 1980 he founded and edited the International Journal of Reality Therapy until 2009. He also taught part-time at National Louis University and remarked to me in an email that he had just completed his 52nd fall semester of teaching! A licensed clinical psychologist in Ohio, then Massachusetts and Illinois, he held the ABPP in counseling psychology. He was an APA Member since 1961 and at one time belonged to Divisions 5 (Eval. & Meas.),16 (School), 17 (Counseling Psychology), and became a Fellow of Division 17 in 1983. Last address in Highland Park, Ill.

Lovinger, Sophie Lehner

DOB 1/15/1932, Died March 23, 2010. BA (1954) CUNY-Brooklyn College, MSEd (1959) CUNY-City College, PhD (1967) in school psychology NYU. Worked with several social agencies in NYC and then taught at Hofstra U.(1967-1970), and on the psychology faculty at Central Michigan U. from 1970 until her retirement. Certified school psychologist in NY and licensed in clinical in MI. Associate Member 1961 and Member 1971. Last residence was in Charleston, S.C.

Morgan, Robert

DOB 12/22/1927, Died October 14, 2010. Licensed in clinical psychology in California, Massachusetts, and Alaska. PhD (1970) in counseling psychology, Kent State U. Director of Special Education for the Anchorage School District (1976-77). Long career with the Alaska Human Development Association where he was active in the development of programs for American Indians and Alaska Natives. He previously worked in schools and agencies in Massachusetts. APA member since 1971. Last residence was in Anchorage, Alaska.

Robinson, Jacques H.

DOB 11/12/33, Died February 15, 2010 in Statesboro, GA. BS in Industrial Arts Education (1956), MEd in Special Education and Elementary Education (1962) from New York State University College for Teachers, PhD in Special Education from Peabody College (now of Vanderbilt University) in 1968. Served as Assistant Professor in Special Education and Secondary Education from 1968-1972 at the University of Louisville(KY), then professor at Kent State U. in Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology (19973-1992); then professor of Special Education at Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, 1993-1996). APA Member since 1978.

Somerville, Addison Wimbs

DOB 8/06/1927, Died June 21, 2010. BS (1948), MS (1950 at Howard U. PhD in general psychology (1963) from Illinois Institute of Psychology. Taught in Psychology Dept. at California State U-Sacramento. Earlier employed in a variety of positions including school psychologist for the District of Columbia Schools (1958-1959), and chief school psychologist for the Francis W. Parker School (1959-1964). Division 16 member in the 1970s. APA Assoc. Member in 1952 and Member in 1958. ABPP in school psychology. Last address in Sacramento, Calif.

NOTE: Appreciation is expressed to Philip Norfolk and Colby Taylor, Research Assistants in the School Psychology Program at the University of Memphis for assistance in gathering background information.