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Includes new faculty members at universities, two new video series and Division 16 Executive Committee election results

People and places

The University of Houston is pleased to announce that Dr. Samuel McQuillin will be joining the school psychology faculty in August, 2012. Dr. McQuillin is a graduate of the School Psychology Program at the University of South Carolina and completed his APA accredited internship with the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District in Texas.

The faculty of the School Psychology program at Lehigh University are pleased and excited to announce that Robin Hojnoski, PhD, has been awarded tenure and promoted to the rank of associate professor. Dr. Hojnoski is well known for her focused expertise in early childhood applications of school psychology.

The School Psychology Program at Illinois State University is pleased to announce that Dr. Adena Meyers and Dr. Renee Tobin have both been promoted to the rank of professor. Dr. Meyers’ research focuses on the effectiveness of family, community, and school-based interventions and Dr. Tobin’s research focuses on emotional regulation and the effectiveness of mental health interventions.

The faculty of the School Psychology program at St. John’s University are pleased to welcome Dr. Robyn Kurasaki to the faculty. Dr. Kurasaki earned her doctorate from St. John’s University’s in 2009. She has experience as a school psychologist in the New Hyde Park School (NY) District. Dr. Kurasaki previously served as an instructor at Queens College. Dr. Kuasaki’s work focuses on CBT with children and parents.

The faculty of the School Psychology Program at Temple University are also pleased to announce that Catherine Fiorello, PhD, ABPP, has been promoted to the rank of professor. Dr. Fiorello will continue in her current position as Director of the School Psychology Program. Dr. Fiorello is a nationally recognized leader in research regarding cognitive assessment, school neuropsychology and training issues in school psychology.

The School Psychology Program at Temple University is pleased to announce that Dr. Laura Pendergast will be joining the faculty as an assistant professor this fall. Dr. Pendergast earned her degree at Pennsylvania State University, interned at CORA Services in Philadelphia, and is completing a postdoctoral fellowship in the Mood and Cognition Lab at Temple.

The faculty of the School Psychology program at the University of Missouri are pleased and excited to announce that Wendy Reinke, PhD, has been awarded tenure and promoted to the rank of associate professor. Dr. Reinke is well known for her expertise in prevention/intervention of disruptive behavior disorders in children. 

The School Psychology Program at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) welcomes Dr. Keith Radley to the faculty beginning August 2012. Dr. Radley received his Ph.D. from the School Psychology Program at the University of Utah. He research focuses on behaviorally-focused, empirically validated interventions and, specifically, in the creation and evaluation of social skills interventions for children with social deficits, like autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Rik Carl D’Amato and Ms. Yuanyuan Wang, a doctoral student, presented a series of lectures on clinical neuropsychology at the University of Macau in February, 2012. The visit marks the beginning of academic and research exchanges between Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital and the University of Macau, with with Dr. D’Amato and Ms. Wang are affiliated.

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Learn more about response to intervention (RTI)

The Conversation Series of APA, Division 16: School Psychology proudly announces the production of two new video series: “Response to Intervention” and “Positive Psychology in the Schools.” Both series have been conducted with leading experts in the field. The “Response to Intervention” series features four interviews with Drs. Sylvia Rosenfield, Daniel Reschly, James Ysseldyke and Frank Gresham. The “Positive Psychology in the Schools” series features three interviews with Drs. Scott Huebner, Richard Gilman and Michael Furlong. 

There are many more outstanding videos. Check out our inventory below. If you are interested in placing an order, please contact Dr. Greg Machek, Coordinator of the Conversation Series: or Telephone (406) 243-5546 for more information.

Conversation series inventory

"Positive Psychology in the Schools with Huebner, Gilman & Furlong"
"Response to Intervention with Rosenfield, Reschly, Ysseldyke & Gresham"
"Assessment and Professional Issues with Gresham, Bracken, Fagan & Reschy"
"Assessment Issues with Woodcock, Braden, Shinn & Harrison"
"Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder with DuPaul, Dawson, Conners & Swanson"
"Behavioral Consultation with Kratochwill"
"Consultation with Conoley, Kratochwill, Meyers, Pryzwansky & Rosenfield"
"Cross Battery Approach to IQ Assessment with Flanagan"
"Curriculum Based Assessment and Measurement with Eckert & Hintze"
"Ethics in School Psychology with Bersoff"
"Evidence Based Intervention with Kratochwill"
"Functional Assessment with Witt and Noell"
"History of School Psychology with Fagan, Phillips, Hagin, Lambert and French"
"I.Q. Testing:  The Past or the Future?  The Sattler-Reschly Debate"
"Innovative Service Delivery with Shapiro, Kratochwill and Elliott"
"Mental Health Consultation with Caplan (Digitally Remastered 1990 Interview)"
"Multicultural Issues with Henning-Stout, Vasquez Nuttall, Brown-Cheatham, Lopez &Ingraham"
"Psychological & Educational Consultation:  A Case Study"
"Psychological & Educational Consultation:  Concepts & Processes (Part I) with Close Conoley, Sheridan, Meyers & Rosenfield"
"Psychological & Educational Consultation:  Concepts & Processes (Part II) with Erchul & Gutkin"
"Reform & School Psychology with Rosenfield, Batsche, Curtis, Talley & Cobb"
"Role of Theory in The Science of Treating Children with Hughes"
"School Psychology Past, Present and Future:  An Interview with Thomas Fagan"
"School Violence with Goldstein, Batsche, Furlong, Hughes & Close Conoley"
"Social-Emotional Assessment with Martin, Knoff, Reynolds, Naglieri & Hughes"
"Tape 3 -- Psychological Maltreatment, Primary Prevention, & International Issues (Hart), Gender Differences in the Schools (Henning-Stout), Family & School Collaboration (Christensen), Crisis Intervention & Primary" "Prevention Activities (Sandoval)"
"Traumatic Brain Injury:  A Case Study"
"Traumatic Brain Injury:  Interview with Experts  with Bigler, Clark, Telzrow, & Close Conoley"

Division 16 Executive Committee election results

  • President Elect: Linda Reddy, Rutgers University

  • Secretary: Amanda Sullivan, University of Minnesota

  • Vice President of Social and Ethical Responsibility and Ethnic Minority Affairs (SEREMA): Amanda Vanderheyden, Education Research and Consulting

  • Vice President of Publications and Communication: Dave Shriberg, Loyola University of Chicago

  • Council Representative: Frank Worrell, University of California Berkeley

  • Council Representative: Beth Doll, University of Nebraska

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Division 16 Vice President of Publications and Communications: Linda A. Reddy, PhD

Call for nominations

  • Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award: Call for nominations
    The Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award recognizes a significant career of contributions of a psychologist who has a proven track record as an exceptional teacher of psychology. The awardee receives a plaque, $2,000, and an all-expense paid round trip to the APA annual convention, where the award is presented. awardees are also invited to give a special address. Nominations due December 1, 2012.

  • The Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Fellowship program: Request for proposals 
    The Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Fellowship program supports graduate research projects and scholarships in child psychology. Each fellow receives the following:

Up to four research awards of up to $25,000 each; up to two $5,000 scholarships for runners-up. Support is for 1 year only. Only one application accepted from any one institution in any given year. Tuition waiver/coverage from home institution. Application deadline: November 15, 2012.