It's an exciting time to be a Division 16 student affiliate

Beginning in 2013, the process for becoming a Division 16 Student Affiliate and SASP member will be accomplished through one simple online application

By Jennifer M. Cooper, Kaleigh Bantum, and Jacqueline A. Brown

As you may know, the Student Affiliates in School Psychology (SASP) has always been a student affiliate organization of Division 16 (School Psychology) of the APA. However, in the past, there have been two separate membership application processes. In August of 2012, Division 16 and SASP announced an exciting merger to streamline student membership within the Division, and create a more visible relationship between the Division and their student organization.

Beginning in 2013, the process for becoming a Division 16 Student Affiliate and SASP member will be accomplished through one simple online application and payment of annual dues. To encourage more students to join and reap the benefits of Division 16 membership, annual dues were reduced to just $20! Furthermore, the Division is currently offering a recruitment initiative where first-time Student Affiliates will receive their first year of membership completely free! For students who have already been Division 16 Student Affiliates, the cost is $20 for both the first and following years.

All SASP members who are not Student Affiliates of Division 16 for the 2013 year will need to complete the Division 16 membership form, even if they previously completed the SASP application form. Those who do not complete it will no longer be registered as a SASP member. If you have already applied for 2013 Division 16 membership, then you are automatically a SASP member. You may review and complete the printable or online Division membership applications at the Division 16 membership page.

Q&A with SASP leaders

To help provide clarity regarding the recent membership changes, we’d like to take this opportunity to address some frequently asked questions that have come up related to the merger and general questions related to membership.

Q: When does the membership cycle run?
A: Division 16 membership runs from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Annual dues for Student Affiliate status in Division 16 are $20.

Q: As a Student Affiliate of Division 16 what benefits are available to me?
A: There are many activities and services that are beneficial to students. Below are some highlights of being a Division 16 Student Affiliate:

  • Subscriptions to The School Psychologist, School Psychology Quarterly, the SASP newsletter and SASP News

  • The opportunity to publish in the SASP newsletter and submit materials to The School Psychologist and the APAGS newsletter

  • The opportunity to become more involved in the future of school psychology by running for offices within SASP

  • The opportunity to present research at the annual SASP Student Research Forum (held during the APA convention)

  • Eligibility to apply for APA travel awards, scholarship awards and other financial awards

  • Increased opportunities to meet and interact with leaders in the field of school psychology

  • The ability to communicate with students and faculty about psychology-related information, ideas, projects and activities, especially those about issues important to students (e.g., internships, research experiences, practical experiences in the United States and internationally)

  • The opportunity to discuss and debate ideas and strategies among differing campuses

  • The opportunity to participate in community service and fundraising

  • The ability to serve as advocates for current and incoming students through mentoring and advising

Q: If I was a SASP member before the D16 and SASP membership merger do I still have to complete a D16 form to be considered a SASP member?
A: Yes; All SASP members who are not Student Affiliates of Division 16 for the 2013 year will need to complete the Division 16 membership form, even if they previously completed the SASP application form. Those who do not complete it will no longer be registered as a SASP member. SASP membership is a part of Division 16 Student Affiliate status.

Q: I’m a Specialist-level student and/or a student enrolled in a program that is not approved by APA. Can I still be a Division 16 Student Affiliate?
A: Anyone enrolled in a school psychology graduate program at either the specialist or doctoral level is encouraged to join Division 16 as a Student Affiliate and SASP member. As a Student Affiliate, you are eligible for full member benefits including running for a SASP Executive Board position.

Q: As an undergraduate student, can I become a member before being accepted into a graduate program?
A: No. At this time, D16 only has graduate student affiliate status. However, students can become members once they have been accepted into a graduate program. Additionally, undergraduate students are welcome to join the SASP email list as a way of beginning a relationship with Division 16 and the field of school psychology. Email list information is available on our website.

Q: Are APA and Division 16 membership the same?
A: No; students need to join APA and Division 16 separately if they are interested in joining both. Annual student membership is $55 for APA and $20 for Division 16. You do not need to be an APA student member in order to become a Division 16 Student Affiliate. However, students who join APA in addition to joining the division, will automatically become APAGS members, which offers additional benefits to students such as waiving the registration fee for first authors presenting at the APA convention.

Q: Do I need to be a Division 16 Student Affiliate to run for a SASP Executive Board position?
A: Yes; students interested in running/holding a SASP Executive Board position must be active graduate students in a school psychology program and hold Division 16 Student Affiliate status for the duration of their potential terms.

Q: Did the process for submitting a SASP chapter application also change?
A: No; the process for completing a SASP chapter application has not changed and will continue to be processed through the SASP Membership Chair rather than by Division 16 membership services. Chapter membership is a unique opportunity offered and regulated through SASP and is separate from the division.

Q: Do students still need to complete an individual membership application if their program has a SASP chapter?
A: Yes; students still need to complete an individual membership application since benefits are conferred on an individual basis. It is a common misconception that students are automatically a Student Affiliate if they have a SASP chapter; however, this is untrue. Chapters should encourage all individual students to apply for Student Affiliate status within Division 16.

Q: If we already have a student organization, can SASP duties be incorporated into the existing organization?
A: Yes; student organizations may choose to start a SASP chapter by incorporating SASP duties into their existing organization. For programs considering this approach or starting a new SASP chapter, please review the information on our website to assist you through the process.

What other students sre saying...

As of late October 2012, we have 375 Division 16 Student Affiliates and 38 active SASP chapters around the country. For the 2013 year, 290 students have already signed up or renewed as Student Affiliates! But, don’t worry there is still time to join and receive benefits in the 2013 membership year. Act now — visit the membership section of our website to complete an online application or print a copy of the application to mail in with your annual dues. And, you don’t have to believe just us about the great benefits and opportunities that Division 16 Student Affiliate status offers — see what other students around the country are saying.

“Being a first year in a PhD program can be pretty intimidating, but thanks to the members of SASP I was able to develop a great network of friends that were able to help me make the transition into graduate school. Now, as an officer in the UCR chapter of SASP, I try to get everybody in our program involved with SASP knowing they will have a fantastic experience as a member.”
- Jason, University of California-Riverside

“I just wanted to thank SASP for publishing my ‘Lessons from the Field’ piece in the Summer issue of FSTP. It’s always nice to be able to contribute to the school psych student community!”
- Ethan, University of Georgia

“As a SASP member, I had the opportunity to participate in the Student Research Forum at the APA Annual Convention. I was able to share my research with fellow students, learn about relevant research currently being conducted, and make connections with others in the school psychology field. These experiences are invaluable as I grow as a graduate student and help shape the future practitioner I hope to be.”
- Charlotte, The Ohio State University

“My participation in the leadership of SASP was a tremendous experience. I enjoyed working with wonderful executive boards filled with the most amazing representatives of school psychology students from colleges and universities across the country. I also had the opportunity to meet other students as well as faculty and practitioners throughout the field of school psychology. I still maintain contact with many of the people I met through my leadership in SASP and consider them close colleagues. My experience in SASP has truly been invaluable, and I am excited to see the organization change and grow to continue to meet the needs of school psychology students and the field at large.”
– Lindsey, SASP past president, Duquesne University

We hope you enjoyed reading about the benefits of being a Division 16 Student Affiliate and found the Q&A and testimonials helpful. Our Board would love to hear from you if you have additional questions regarding your Division 16 Student Affiliate benefits, joining as a new member, or starting a SASP chapter!

Please feel free to contact Membership Chair, Jacquie Brown or 2013 President, Jennifer Cooper.