Call for proposals: Diversity challenge

Proposals were sought for the Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture's annual Diversity Challenge.

Intersections of Race, Culture, and Health or Mental Health

Deadline: April 12, 2013

The Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture is pleased to present the 13th annual Diversity Challenge: Intersections of Race, Culture, and Health or Mental Health. We seek proposals that focus on research, assessment, interventions, health policies that move beyond merely comparing racial/ethnic groups to more fully considering the complexity of race and culture as effects on mental and physical health. We welcome proposals that address such issues across the lifespan and focus on specific age groups, such as children and adolescents and adults of all ages. Also, we encourage proposals outlining systemic approaches to these concerns, which may include preventive strategies, school interventions, and agency collaborations that focus on racial life experiences, such as racism and discrimination, and/or cultural attributes such as resilience and health beliefs.

We envision an interdisciplinary forum in which a variety of perspectives are explored and scientists, practitioners, educators, and social activists can interact with each other in order to address mutual concerns related to this important theme. Proposals are welcome from researchers, practitioners, educators, community organizations, advocacy and activist groups, medical service providers, employee assistance personnel, government agencies, spiritual healers, and providers of community services. Work groups focused on health disparities are also encouraged to submit. Finally, we welcome critical perspectives and creative ideas concerning the role of race and culture in fostering health and mental health in the lives of individuals regardless of their race or cultural origins.

Please visit our website for more about this year's conference focus by viewing our Call for Proposals for our 13th Annual Diversity Challenge.