Professional Development

Contributing to the future of school psychology

The Executive Committee seeks members to join a committee or run for an elected position in the division or APA.

By Shane R. Jimerson

Have you considered becoming an active participant in the governance of Division 16 of the American Psychological Association (APA)?

Contributing to Division 16 leadership is an excellent networking opportunity; great colleagues, fascinating conversations, opportunities to advocate for policies and practices to support and enhance the lives of children, and a chance to put School Psychology at the epicenter of American Psychology.

The Division 16 Executive Committee continues to seek and identify Division 16 members who would like to get further involved with a committee or elected leadership position in the Division or within the larger context of the American Psychological Association (APA). Nominations and recommendations are requested throughout the calendar year, with several opportunities opening up in January (Division 16) and February (APA Boards and Committees). Early and mid-career members are particularly encouraged to participate, as these colleagues represent the future of the profession. All members are welcome to contribute.

Please visit the Division 16 website ( to learn more about current executive committee members, activities, workgroups, and bylaws.

Elected Executive Committee positions include:

  • President (Elect, Present, and Past)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President for Education and Training, and Scientific Affairs
  • Vice President for Professional Affairs
  • Vice President for Social and Ethical Responsibility, and Ethnic Minority Affairs
  • Vice President for Publications and Communications (VP-PC)
  • Vice President for Convention Affairs and Public Relations
  • Vice President for Membership Divisional Representatives to Council

Current Working Groups include;

  • Globalization of School Psychology
  • Social Justice & Child Rights
  • Translation of Science to Practice & Policy
  • Mental Health in the Schools

Also, please take a few minutes to review the candidates for Division 16 Executive Committee positions, and submit your vote online via the APA website. This year, elections include President-Elect, Treasurer, Vice-President for Convention Affairs & Public Relations (VP-CAPR), and Vice-President for Education, Training, & Scientific Affairs (VP-ETSA).

The active participation of Division 16 members is essential for the future vitality of the division, representation within APA, and contributions to the future of school psychology.

If you would like to be an active member of Division 16 member, please send an email to Dr. Linda Reddy describing your special expertise, and attach a copy of your most recent professional vita.

The Division 16 Executive Committee welcomes the further involvement of division members.