Journal of School Psychology editor position announcement

The Society for the Study of School Psychology seeks an editor-elect of the Journal of School Psychology.

The Society for the Study of School Psychology (SSSP) is searching for an Editor-Elect of the Journal of School Psychology, the oldest journal in school psychology. The appointment will be made in September 2013. The selected individual will serve as Editor-Elect from January- December 2014 and a five-year non-renewable term as Editor from January 2015-December 2019. The Editor-Elect, in coordination with the current Editor of the Journal of School Psychology, will begin processing manuscripts in conjunction with the Editor as of July 1, 2014.

Responsibilities of the Editor of the Journal of School Psychology include the following:

  • Identifying and promoting a vision for the journal, implementing journal policies, and maintaining the high status and quality of the journal
  • Processing and evaluating manuscripts through an online system, maintaining overall control and selection of content for the journal to include topics for special issues, and ensuring fair and unbiased consideration of the diversity of manuscripts submitted
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures, selecting and coordinating the work of Associate Editor(s), selecting Editorial Board members, and coordinating the nominations and selection for the Reviewer of the Year Award and the Article of the Year Award
  • Finalizing each issue for publication, communication and collaboration with the Elsevier as publisher of Journal of School Psychology, and contributing to Elsevier's Journal of School Psychology website
  • Record-keeping and other administrative activities, as well as regular communication with and reporting to the SSSP Executive Board in the capacity of an ex officio member

Complete application materials for the Editor-Elect position, as listed below, must be submitted electronically by the applicant no later than May 31, 2013. Applications should be sent to Cynthia Riccio (SSSP President-Elect, and Search Committee Chair).

  1. A comprehensive statement of (a) the applicant's vision for the future of the Journal of School Psychology and (b) the applicant's proposed means for enacting this vision
  2. Description of relevant previous experiences
  3. Description of other professional responsibilities that may impact the applicant's role as Editor
  4. Information about the level of commitment that can be made to the responsibilities of the Editor, as well as any administrative supports that may be made available to the applicant at his/her institution (e.g., course buyouts, graduate assistant, or clerical support)
  5. A current curriculum vitae
  6. Five letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's professional and personal qualifications for the position of Editor, sent via email from the references to Cynthia Riccio

Applications will be screened by a search committee consisting of select members of SSSP and the Journal of School Psychology editorial board, as well as past JSP editors. The search committee will interview selected applicants via conference calls in July-August 2013. The SSSP President (Bill Erchul), will appointment the Editor-Elect with approval of the Executive Board in September 2013.