Executive Committee Election

Nominees for Division 16 treasurer

Meet the nominees for Div. 16 treasurer.

By Mark D. Terjesen, PhD, and Shirley A. Vickery, PhD

Mark D. Terjesen, PhD


I am honored to be nominated for treasurer of Division 16. Through this position I would aim to sustain the longterm well being of the division and its initiatives to benefit the education and training of school psychologists and the practice of school psychology. Having been a school psychologist since 1994 and a full-time trainer since 1999, I continue to recognize the importance of having a strong executive committee to be the voice of school psychologists not just within APA but within our schools and to benefit the education and mental well-being of the children we serve. Our schools, like many other areas within the public sector worldwide, have faced a number of harsh economic realities that require fiscal management and wise decision making. At the same time, our professional organizations have also faced these challenges and have had to make similar, difficult decisions. As treasurer, my aim would be to work with the Executive Committee to promote fiscal health through management of the budget in a responsible manner, to collaborate with the executive committee to develop mechanisms through which Division 16 initiatives may be worked towards in a fiscally sound manner, and be responsible for processing financial transactions and provide communication and accountability for Division 16 funds to the APA and Division 16 Executive Committee and the Division members.

I am an Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate programs in School Psychology at St. John's University (STJ). I earned both my masters and doctoral degrees from the combined program in Clinical and School Psychology at Hofstra University. My experience in the schools includes working as a School Psychologist in New York and primarily with a preschool-aged population. I joined the psychology department at STJ in 1999 and began serving the first of my two terms as program director of both the doctoral and specialist level programs in school psychology in 2002. At STJ, the majority my duties are focused on managing the graduate programs, teaching, developing and maintaining a program of research related to the field of school psychology and international school psychology, directing community-intervention/education projects, and writing manuscripts related to such work. I have mentored over 50 doctoral dissertation projects and have regularly presented and published in the aforementioned areas. I have also conducted numerous international trainings as a faculty member in areas related to school psychology and evidence based interventions. I regularly consult with international colleagues on developing intervention-based programming at their universities/facilities and helped develop the profession of school psychology in Vietnam.

I have also served as a trainer in cognitivebehavioral therapy at the Albert Ellis Institute since 1997 with my primary focus being on clinical work with children and consultative works with parents and teachers. I have served as the President of the Trainers of School Psychologists (2009-2010) and have been a board member since 2007. I have twice been the School Division President of the New York State psychological Association (NYSPA) and have been a board member of the New York Association of School Psychologists (NYASP) since 2010. I have served as the convention chairperson for Division 1 (General Psychology) of APA and have served as co-chair and chair for the Division 52 (International) conference planning. I currently serve as the membership chair for Division 1 for APA. In 2001, I received the Academic Division of the New York State Psychological Association, Virginia Staudt Sexton Early Career Award.

I believe that I would be well-suited to assume this important role within the division. I have been an active member of several APA and professional organizations with many positions related to the field of school psychology and would welcome the opportunity to further serve the division that I consider my home. Thank you for considering my nomination for Treasurer.

Shirley A. Vickery, PhD


I am pleased to be nominated for Treasurer of Division 16. I am a certified school psychologist and licensed psychologist in South Carolina, and for the past 32 years, I have practiced as a School Psychologist in Richland School District Two in Columbia, South Carolina. My professional identity is as a School Psychology practitioner, supervisor, and advocate, and I believe that perspective will allow me to have a positive voice within Division 16.

For many years in my position as a School Psychologist, I worked primarily with programs for students with Emotional Disabilities in the schools - developing and supervising school programs, evaluating and identifying students in need of services, training teachers in appropriate strategies, working with parents on strategy development, and interfacing with community providers. In my current role as Director of Psychological Services, I supervise psychologists and other school mental health professionals, and coordinate a non-APA approved internship site. I have trained school psychology interns and practicum students for almost 30 years, and I have worked closely with the University faculty in supporting researchfunded grants and student placements. I am also currently Project Director of a federally-funded grant providing additional mental health and counseling professionals in our schools. As such, I promote evidence-based practice, direct provision of services, and supervision of the staff members.

I have been an active leader in psychology in South Carolina, having served as President of the SC Psychological Association, the SC Association of Practicing Psychologists, and the SC Association of School Psychologists. I served five years on the Board of Examiners in Psychology, with two years as Chair. I served for several years as Member and Chair of the Legislative Committee for SCPA, monitoring legislation in the state, testifying at numerous committee meetings, and advocating for psychology practice and clients. I am currently in my sixth and final year as South Carolina's APA Council Representative.

I am professionally committed to the improvement of mental health and educational outcomes for all students in schools and communities. I see daily the impact of school psychologists, special educators, school administrators, school counselors, and general education teachers on educational and mental health outcomes of students. Schools are backbones of our communities and their influence is on every family in the community, not just those with children in school. In our district, I have served as the After-Crisis coordinator for several years and have been involved in our district's response to the increased anxiety and concern brought on by the Sandy Hook tragedy. I am very interested in the role psychology plays in helping our country deal with issues of violence, and I support APA's recent response to translate our research into community practice and policy. As leaders and policy-makers react to the tragic events, I see limitless opportunities for those in school psychology to impact mental health services to students in schools and communities. Division 16 is an essential leader as these efforts move forward, and I very much plan to be a part of it.

As a candidate for Treasurer of Division 16. I bring a perspective as a longtime practitioner, supervisor, and state leader. I am particularly concerned about the issues that affect school psychology practice, both in public and private settings. I believe in the strengths of school psychology training and practice, and I am committed to seeing those become stronger and more important in mental health and educational planning. In addition, I am concerned professionally about the psychological services available to children and their families, especially to those who have serious emotional disturbance. I have seen the difficulties these families face and the scarcity or nonexistence of resources, and I will continue to support ways in which they can more easily access appropriate psychological and educational interventions.

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy. I believe I have much to contribute as Treasurer and as member of the Division 16 Executive Board.