Student Corner

The APPIC internship process: Then, now and school psychology

Although the internship process can be arduous and emotionally laden, there are some suggestions that can help one navigate this process.

By David O. L. Cheng and Jennifer M. Cooper

The doctoral internship process is an arduous and emotional undertaking for many psychology students. While the historical founding of the internship process is rooted in order and simplicity, the current practice can be filled with heartbreak and hardship due to a mismatch between the number of qualified students and internship placements available in a given year. Furthermore, this process has become increasingly difficult for school psychology students, who have limited access to the number of accredited internship positions in comparison to clinical and counseling psychology students. Current trends in the field are increasing the value of these internships, and school psychology students need to start thinking about internship early in their academic careers given the important implications it will have in one's professional career.