Message from the president

The new SASP president discusses the upcoming SASP Student Research Forum in August 2012, outlines the plans for the 2012 Futures Forum in the fall, and encourages participation in the Diversity Mentorship Program

By Kaleigh Bantum

Greetings SASP Members!

As the 2012 SASP President, I wanted to take time to thank the 2011 SASP Executive Board and invite everyone to get involved in SASP in 2012. This past year has proven to be a great success. I was honored to work with such a driven group of individuals. Without each of them, I would not have continued into such a strong student organization. You all contributed to the growing success of SASP, and I cannot speak highly enough to your abilities.

The 2012 elections were some of the best in SASP history, and I was eager to see the potential leadership that our field has to offer in the years to come. So far, I have not been let down by the skills and knowledge that the 2012 executive board has brought to this organization.

In 2012, SASP hopes to strengthen our relationship with our supporting organization, Division 16. Without the division, our organization’s efforts would not be possible. With this, SASP has found a home on the Division 16 website, which I encourage each of you to review.

Currently, we are working alongside the division in planning our annual SASP Student Research Forum (formerly Mini-convention) that will take place at the Annual APA Convention in Orlando, Fla., Aug. 2-5, 2012. Please be on the lookout for further details!

SASP also is offering a new opportunity for our student members, the Diversity Mentorship Program. Information on this program can be found in this issue. As in years past, we offer other opportunities to our students, which we hope you will consider. FSTP is a great chance for students to build their writing skills and publish their work. The Diversity Scholarship, sponsored by Division 16, is also a funding opportunity available for both incoming and advance students in school psychology.

FSASP is currently involved in the planning of the 2012 Futures Forum, which will be held in the Fall 2012. This is an online conference that seeks to address important issues related to research, training and practice, and provide direction for the future of the field. SASP will provide information to our members as further details of this important conference as they come.

Finally, I encourage SASP members to contact me any time throughout the year with their input regarding questions about SASP, how we can better serve our members, or any other matters that I can assist. I am honored to be your 2012 SASP President and hope to provide another successful year to this organization!