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Welcome to volume 6 of FSTP

The mission of the newsletter stays the same in 2013, abetted by a new award for best student research manuscript.

Welcome to a new year for School Psychology: From Science to Practice (FSTP). As in years past, this publication offers students an outlet for publishing relevant articles related to school psychology as well as a venue for conveying news from the Student Affiliates in School Psychology (SASP), the student-led organization of the School Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association (APA Div. 16). We welcome and encourage graduate students, faculty, and practitioners to submit relevant content for inclusion in this publication. For information about manuscript types considered for publication, visit FSTP on the Web. Thank you.

Announcing the Student Research Award

Beginning this year SASP will be awarding a $75 cash prize for the most outstanding student research manuscript accepted for publication in FSTP. The prize will be awarded subsequent to publication of the winter 2014 issue. The winning manuscript will be selected based on the following criteria as determined by a panel of experts:

  • Potential for increasing the well-being of children by advancing the field of school psychology.

  • Degree to which the research and/or findings add to extant evidence-based literature.

  • Practical applicability for school psychologists (i.e., potential for bringing science to practice).

  • Quality and fit of research design (i.e., statistical methodology, analysis, interpretation).

  • Quality, clarity, and completeness of the manuscript (i.e., readability, grammar, punctuation, references, structure, adherence to FSTP guidelines).