Student Affiliates in School Psychology

The student who is informed of and involved in professional issues today forms the nexus to a strong discipline in the future. The Student Affiliates in School Psychology (SASP) is an organization formed under the auspices of the Division 16 Executive Committee. Currently, it is the only student affiliation of its kind within this discipline. This organization is designed to keep graduate students apprised of issues pertaining to school psychology as well as participating in activities that will further strengthen the discipline in the future.

Message from the 2015 President

Happy 2015 SASP members. As your new 2015 SASP president, I must first thank the 2014 SASP executive board. The dedication and hard work offered by these individuals has truly given the 2015 board something to aspire to. Without their tireless work throughout the year, our current board would not be continuing into such a robust student organization. I would like to especially thank David Cheng, 2014 president, for his leadership, support and guidance throughout the year. The 2015 board wishes each of our predecessors the best in their future endeavors.

I would also like to thank everyone who participated in the 2015 SASP executive board elections this year. Thanks especially to all those who ran for an elected position. It is gratifying to see how many talented individuals are ready and willing to dedicate themselves to our chosen field. To all those still looking to get involved, stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to work with SASP on national, regional and local levels.

Last, but not least, I would like to invite all of our members to please feel free to contact me throughout the year with your input regarding how we can better serve our members and make lasting student contributions to the field of school psychology. 

Cait Hynes, 2015 SASP president

The Purpose of SASP

The purpose of SASP is highly coordinated with the objectives of Div. 16 of APA in that they seek to adhere to following:

  • To promote and maintain high standards of professional education and training within the specialty, and to expand appropriate scientific and scholarly knowledge and the pursuit of scientific affairs.

  • To increase effective and efficient conduct of professional affairs, including the practice of psychology within the schools and across other settings.

  • To support the ethical and social responsibilities of the specialty, to encourage opportunities for ethnic minority participation in the specialty, and to provide opportunities for professional fellowship.

  • To encourage and support publications, communications, and conferences regarding the activities, interests, and concerns within the specialty on a regional, national, and international basis.

  • To collaborate/cooperate with individuals, groups, and organizations in the shared realization of the division objectives.

In addition to these goals, SASP seeks to represent the graduate students within the field of school psychology through the following:

  • To facilitate and collaborate with Div. 16 to promote the training and professional development of graduate students within the field.

  • To serve as an information resource that will disperse school psychology-related information to its members.

  • To promote graduate student leadership development in order to communicate with and advocate for the concerns of school psychology graduate students.

  • To maintain and disseminate current happenings within the field in order to keep graduate students aware of the issues that are ongoing within the discipline at a global level (ie. legislation, professional and ethical issues, internship and employment opportunities).

  • To serve as a means of advocacy for graduate students within APA and Div. 16 governance.