Harold M. Hildreth
Distinguished Public Service Award

Harold Hildreth was a long time friend of Division 18. A Division President in 1958 and APA Council member for the Division from 1953-1956, Hildreth seemed to be naturally inclined toward public service and spent much of his life devoting himself to the application of psychology to wide areas of endeavor. He described himself as having special research interests in socially sensitive areas. His diverse clinical activities ranged from helping to develop police training films, to interests in suicide, homosexuality and emergency mental health services. He was the second person to serve as the Chief Clinical Psychologist in the Department of Veteran Affairs (1948-1956) and followed that appointment with a distinguished career in the Community Research and Service Branch of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). He served as a model for dedication and achievement in serving the public.

Hildreth was described by those who knew him as an extraordinary leader who made you believe in the importance of psychology and who had a fantastic memory for personal events which endeared him to others. Beyond personal qualities and interpersonal skills, it was Hildreth’s role as a visionary which constituted his major contribution and which set him apart from his contemporaries. He sketched a glorious, yet eminently believable, future for psychology. Responding to his charisma and infectious enthusiasm, his more practical-minded associates eagerly enlisted in the effort to apply psychology to bettering the human condition.

It was singularly appropriate that, upon his death in 1965, the Division established an award for outstanding public service to the public in his memory. The Harold M. Hildreth Award for Distinguished Public Service has remained the highest award that the Division could bestow.

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