Student Award

This award recognizes graduate students whose careers reflect excellence in the area of public service.

The Student Award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to public service through research, teaching, program development, and/or clinical practice.

Examples include:

  • Providing clinical services to underserved populations (e.g., the homeless or prisoners). 

  • Research focused on innovative service delivery methods (e.g., use of telecommunications technology) that lower the response-cost to mental health service consumers. 

  • Consumer advocacy. 

  • Teaching innovative courses on racial, ethnic, and/or sexual minority mental health issues.

The winner will receive an award of $500. There is no requirement that the winner attend the APA Convention to receive the award in person. Joint nominees (i.e., for a shared accomplishment or body of work) are acceptable. However, they would share a total award of $500 if selected as the winners. This year we will again be awarding Certificates of Merit to those nominees who are not chosen for the Student Award but whose qualifications indicate exceptional worthiness.


Eligibility requirements are intentionally broad.

Program directors are encouraged to nominate any student who fits the criteria for this award. Program directors may nominate more than one student.

Predoctoral interns are eligible.

We welcome nominees from Canadian programs.

How to Apply

Nominations must include:

  • Cover letter from the program director (or other faculty member) describing the nominee’s qualifications.

  • Supporting material such as copies of the curriculum vitae, reprints of articles, additional letters of recommendation, etc.

Each application must consist of two copies of all materials being submitted in support of the candidate’s nomination. Please send applications to:

Robert W. Goldberg, Chair, Division 18 Awards
Louis Stokes Cleveland DVAMC
10701 East Blvd,
Cleveland, OH 44106

Program Directors interested in nominating a student are encouraged to contact Robert Goldberg.

Past Recipients

2013:  Nicole Renee Gross 
2006:  Jennifer Housley
2005:  Bradley Karlin
2004:  Deidre Brown & Jarrod Steffan
2003:  Lisa Linning
2002:  Nelson Varas-Diaz
2001:  David Huebner
2000:  Terry M. McClanahan
1998:  Leslie Kay Burke & Mary Routledge Faucette
1997:  Paul Deal
1996:  Alyssa Greer