President: Linda Richardson*

President-elect: Nadine Kaslow*

Past President: Shirley Glynn*

Secretary-Treasurer: David Pilkey* 

Section Chairs

Community and State Hospitals: Jennifer Snyder*

Criminal Justice: Kate Morris*

Police & Safety: Jay Supnick*

Psychologists in Indian Country: Wendy Peters*

Serious Mental Illness: Marcia Hunt*

Veterans Affairs: Monica Roy*

APAGS Rep: Sharon Malinowski*

APA Council Reps

Anne Klee*

Dave Corey*

Cluster Chairs

Education: Howard Sternberg*

Membership: Layne Goble*

Communication: Jack Tsai*


Fellowship Chair: Bob Goldberg

Continuing Education Chair: Abigail Tucker

Journal: Patrick DeLeon

Newsletter: William Deal

Convention: Wendy Peters

Communication: Jack Tsai

Diversity Committee: Astrea Greig and Charlotte McCloskey

Early Career Reps: Shannon Griswold and Amee Patel

Federal Advocacy Coordinator: Gil Sanders

Liaison to CAPP: Christopher Loftis

Policy & Advocacy Committee: Shelia Brandt

Ethics Task Force: Ad Hoc

*Voting Member