The Society for Military Psychology is one of the original 19 charter divisions established by the APA (APA Division 19) in 1945. The Society for Military Psychology seeks to serve as the premier organization for military psychology. Society members include a growing network of psychologists and other social scientists who are united by their interests in applying psychological principles to a broad range of issues related to global security, peace and stability, and to improving the lives and well-being of millions of men and women who serve in the armed forces and defense agencies of nation’s throughout the world.

Society members may be civilian or uniformed personnel. Their academic backgrounds may reflect virtually any specialty area in the field of psychology. Society members work in diverse settings, which may include clinical, research and academic settings, as well as government and private sector. Society member’s benefit by joining a diverse network of scientists and practitioners who exchange knowledge and practices developed to solve problems and challenges within military environments.

Military Psychology

Military psychology is comprised of a microcosm of psychology disciplines and specialties. Driskell and Olmstead (1989) proposed that military psychologists can be "defined neither by a common set of techniques (as is experimental psychology) nor by a common set of problems (as is developmental psychology) but rather by the area or context of application—the military." Military psychologists may work on range of problems that encompass the full range of psychological perspectives from basic to applied issues. Accordingly, military psychologist can be described as:

  • Scientist who use psychological principles to study the military and national defense environment

  • Practitioners who apply psychological principles to solving problems of interest to military and defense agencies

  • Teachers who train individuals in the science and practice of psychology as applied to military environment  

The domain of military psychology is the conduct of research or practice of psychological principles within a military environment. This encompasses a variety of disciplines within the field of psychology including clinical and health psychology, training and human factors, manpower and personnel, social and organizational systems, and testing and measurement.