Student Travel Award

Sponsor: Division 19


Div. 19 (Society for Military Psychology) sponsors an annual Student Travel Award competition. The purpose of the Div. 19 Student Travel Award program is to support psychology student travel to the APA Annual Convention and participate in Div. 19 activities.

This year, Div. 19 will award up to 12 Student Travel Awards of $750 each to graduate/undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence in advancing the science and practice of military psychology.

  1. Starting this year, all Div. 19 student affiliates are eligible to apply for Student Travel Awards. Applicants must be currently enrolled and in good standing in a graduate/undergraduate program in psychology.
  2. Applicants must be student affiliates of both Div. 19 and APA with active, valid memberships prior to submitting materials for the award. Applicants who are not Div. 19 or APA student affiliates may apply for membership online.
  3. The Div. 19 Student Affairs Committee must receive all materials in a single .pdf file.
How to Apply

Evaluation Criteria

  1. The Student Affairs Committee (past chair, chair and chair select) will score applications based on the following weighted criteria: 
    • Past, current and potential involvement in Div. 19 activities at APA Conventions (40 percent) 
    • Past, current and potential contributions to the military, military families and military psychology (40 percent)
    • Demonstrated need for travel funds (20 percent)
  2. Each category will be rated from 1-9, with 1 being the strongest. The three category ratings will be weighted and summed to generate an “overall impact score” from 1-9. The overall impact scores from the three committee members will be averaged, and the applicants with the twelve best total scores will receive the awards. In the event of a tie for the 12th available award, the past Student Affairs chair will use his or her discretion to determine the final award recipient.
  3. Div. 19 activities at APA Conventions include, but are not limited to, paper and poster presentations accepted to the APA Convention by Div. 19 and prior Div. 19 event attendance.
  4. Leadership activities (i.e., Div. 19 Campus Representative), clinical activities, research, volunteerism, military service, advocacy and other activities will factor into the “past, current, and potential contributions to the military, military families, and military psychology” criteria.
  5. Clearly defined budget requests based on estimated transportation and lodging costs will factor into the “need for travel funds” category. While student affiliates living near the APA Convention location are not precluded from applying for the Student Travel Award, budget requests would need to justify the need for Div. 19 funds to support travel costs.


  1. The Div. 19 Student Affairs Committee will evaluate all complete applications for eligibility. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  2. Applicants must complete and submit the following materials:
    • Two-page maximum typed cover letter describing involvement in Div. 19 activities at APA Conventions, contributions to the military, military families and military psychology, and justification for travel funds.
    • Three-page maximum curriculum vitae including, but not limited to, leadership activities, scientific publications and presentations, and clinical experience.
    • A 250-word max abstract for any first-author poster, paper or hospitality suite presentations accepted by Div. 19 to the 2018 APA Convention.
  3. The application form and the additional materials listed above must be scanned into one .pdf document and emailed for submission. Each applicant should keep a copy of the submitted materials.
  4. Funds will be provided directly to the students following the announcement of the award recipients in order to ensure the funds are received prior to the annual APA Convention date.
  5. Each recipient is required to attend the Div. 19 business meeting at the APA Convention to formally receive the award. Award recipients are encouraged to attend other Div. 19 events at the convention in order to meet other student affiliates and network with Div. 19 members.
  6. Photographs will be taken during the business meeting and other Div. 19 events. In accepting a travel award, recipients are agreeing to have their names and pictures published on the Div. 19 website, student website and in the division’s newsletter.
Past Recipients


  • Aaron Banas, George Washington University

  • Cara Blevins, University of North Carolina Charlotte

  • Dominika Borowa, Texas Tech University

  • Joshua Camins, Sam Houston State University

  • Tiffany Duffing, Fielding Graduate University

  • Katie Fry, Fielding Graduate University

  • Ryan Hess, Ball State University

  • Jeremy Jinkerson, Fielding Graduate University

  • Megan O'Shea, Chatham University

  • Allison Robbins, Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology

  • Kelsi Rugo, Tennessee State University

  • Tiffany Urquhart, Palo Alto State University


  • Erin K. Bailey

  • Marilyn A. Cornish

  • Matthew S. Jackson

  • Amanda M. Kruszewski

  • Katherine Lacefield

  • David S. Schwab

  • Dana J. Weber

  • Lauren M. Young


  • Rebecca K. Blais, University of Utah

  • Abraham J. Bilyeu, University of North Dakota

  • Carilyn C. Ellis, George Fox University

  • Sabine Heisman, Argosy University

  • Melissa A. Knight and Marilyn A. Cornish, Iowa State University

  • Rachel E. Wiley, Arizona State University

  • Brooke E. Zumas, United States Air Force Academy