Division 19 membership entitles individuals to a wide variety of benefits, which include:

  • A right to vote on matters of interest to the society.

  • A subscription to The Military Psychologist, a biannual newsletter describing society business and activities.

  • A subscription to our quarterly journal, Military Psychology, which publishes behavioral science research articles having military applications in the areas of clinical and health psychology, training and human factors, manpower and personnel, social and organizational systems, and testing and measurement.

  • Membership on our division email list.

  • A program of papers, workshops, symposia and special addresses at the annual APA convention.

Our small size (400-500 members) is also an advantage if you are looking for camaraderie and easy access to colleagues who share your research and/or practice interests. We are a small, friendly, energized division that is committed to advancing the science and practice of military psychology worldwide.