Division 19 Annual Award Winners for 2012

The Division 19 awards committee (Armando X. Estrada, Tonia S. Heffner, Rebecca I. Porter) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 Division 19 Awards.

  • The Arthur W. Melton Award for Early Achievement which recognizes early career achievements in military psychology made within 5-10 years of entry into the field was awarded to Chad Morrow.

  • The Charles S. Gersoni Award recognizes excellence in military psychology in research, service, product development, and/or administration by an individual or group. Individual awards were presented to Carrie H. Kennedy and James Picano and a group award was presented to Jay Goodwin, Gary Packard and Tatana Olson.

  • The Robert S. Nichols Award which recognizes excellence in service by uniformed clinical psychologists to military personnel and their families was presented to Thomas Williams. The John C. Flanagan Lifetime Achievement Award which recognizes career-long achievements in military psychology was presented to Robert Roland.

  • The Julius E. Uhlaner Award which recognizes outstanding contributions in research on military selection and recruitment was presented to Paul Bartone, Jim Picano, Robert Roland and Thomas Williams.