Editor's corner

We're implementing many great ideas into the division newsletter like APA‘s contributions to military psychology, and new Spotlight on history, research and pedagogical columns submitted by our members

By LTC Melba C. Stetz, PhD

Greetings from the editor of The Military Psychologist! My name is LTC Melba C. Stetz, PhD. I am an Army Research Psychologist (71 Foxtrot). I started my career as an enlisted soldier many moons ago and went on to serve in both the reserve and active component of the Army. Currently, I am the chief of research in the Department of Psychology at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii.

I am delighted to be your new Editor and look forward to making our newsletter a useful resource to share information and news about individual members and the society.

You will find that we have instituted many changes to the newsletter. With the encouragement and assistance of our immediate Past-President Armando X. Estrada, PhD, we made significant changes to the format and content of the newsletter. Several new sections were added to highlight APA‘s contributions to military psychology, spotlight research and pedagogical activities from our members and share in the history of military psychology. We also included a feature article section to present information on contemporary topics of interests to our members.

Several sections from our previous newsletters were also retained including the president‘s message to the membership, the secretary‘s report of the executive committee minutes, the student representative‘s report on military psychology students, and the program chair‘s report on the APA program for the Society. We also retained a section for important announcements for the membership.

Our goal was to streamline and focus the newsletter so that it provides useful information to all members of the military psychology community. I welcome your feedback on any of these changes and welcome suggestions for improvement. I look forward to your contributions to future newsletters.

The newsletter will be published three times a year:

  • Spring (submission deadline February 1)

  • Summer (submission deadline June 1)

  • Fall (submission deadline October 1)

Please consider making contributions to any of the sections of the newsletter by emailing your piece to the appropriate section editors below:

  • Feature Articles

  • Spotlight on Research

  • Spotlight on History

  • Spotlight on Pedagogy

  • Continuing Education

  • Early Career Psychologists

  • Grad. Students

  • Announcements

You may also send correspondence to me with a carbon copy. Be sure to write "Newsletter" on the subject line of your message when sending your comments and contributions.

I look forward to hearing from you.