Editor's corner

Dr. Stetz outlines the contents of this issue of The Military Pyschologist

By LTC Melba C. Stetz, PhD

Hola! We have great articles and announcements in this edition.

First up is our President’s Message, which is contributed by Program Chair Ann Landes. She fills in for Tonia Heffner and provides an excellent summary of the APA convention held this past August in Orlando, Fla.

We have minutes from our Feb. 2012 Executive Committee meeting. Check back in the next issue for minutes from the August meeting.

Have a look at the new members to see if you know the names. We have many new members this year. Be sure to say hello!

We have included updated calls for the Research Grant Program, Division 19 Annual Awards, and Student Research and Travel Awards..

I’m sure you will get much out of the R&D column by W. Anthony Smith and Paul Larson, “Mental Health Treatment Preferences of U.S. Navy Submariners.” It provides needed insight into when sailors are likely to seek treatment and what resources they are most likely to use.

In his inaugural History column, Paul Gade provides a timely and fascinating review of the history of the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law that banned lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals from serving openly in the U.S. military. Stay tuned for more from Paul in upcoming issues, including a timeline of important dates for Division 19.

In our Spotlight on Pedagogy column, Thomas Stetz and I write about our own experience developing a military psychology course at our home campus of Hawai’i Pacific University.

Finally, we have committee reports: Financial Planning, Continuing Education, Early Career Psychologists (ECP) and Graduate Student reports. The Financial Planning Committee Report includes changes to our travel and research grant programs. The ECP Report includes results of our June survey. The Graduate Student Report includes photos of our 2012 student award winners at the APA convention. Check out our up and coming Military Psychologists!

Please consider making contributions to the newsletter. The deadline for the next issue is Feb. 1, 2013. Instructions are on the inside back cover of the print version.

Following are some of the areas that we like to cover and the names of the current section editors: Feature Articles, Armando Estrada; Research, Krista Ratwani; History, Paul Gade; Pedagogy, Steve Truhon; Early Career Psychologists, Jessica Gallus; Graduate Students, Kristen Kochanski; and Announcements, Eric Surface. You can find their contact information on the inside front cover of this issue. Please contact them about submitting something for an upcoming issue!

You can also send your article directly to me with a carbon copy to my civilian account (as this is an “Additional Duty”). Also, please make sure to write “NEWSLETTER” on the subject line of your message when sending your comments and contributions. I want to be able to retrieve them quickly.

Please write to me with your feedback on this fall issue. It’s so important to us that we provide you, our Society members, with useful information. Let me know what you think and what you want to see in the future.