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President's message

The division president thanks members for their service to the field and the country.

By Rebecca I. Porter, PhD

I struggled to write the president's message for this edition of the newsletter. Still on my mind were some of the messages from the last newsletter: fiscal constraints, sequestration and the furlough of some of our federally employed colleagues. However, it did not seem that it would be helpful to reiterate those themes for fear of appearing to be doing some virtual hand-wringing or, at the very least, beating a drum with which we are all very familiar. Then it struck me: All of us in Div. 19 (Society of Military Psychology) share a bond that prevails over our nation's current budgetary struggles. We share the bond of service. Whether we are in uniform or not; whether we are in clinical work, research or policy making; whether we are in the government, private sector or academia — we share an interest in and dedication to those who serve our country. All of us in Div. 19 are, in our own ways, directly or indirectly serving through our contributions to military psychology.

This message, then, is to thank you for your service. Thank you for your interest in military psychology and for your contributions to the field. I am especially appreciative of those members in Div. 19 who have decided to serve and to volunteer their time in order to keep the division and its intent moving forward — from our student representatives to the Executive Committee (EXCOM) to the seasoned psychologists who work as voting or nonvoting members of the EXCOM. Without the volunteer time of so many highly respected and sought after professionals, military psychology might flounder. During the last 12 years of conflict, the value of military psychology has been recognized. Unfortunately, its full worth has probably yet to be appreciated. Our military men and women will continue to need our service and dedication, even as a deployed force returns home. Indeed, they will likely need us more than ever.

Whether the value and potential contributions of military psychology are at the forefront of leaders' and society's minds, our division works steadfastly to keep our seat at the table — to keep our field viable for when we are needed. To the members of Div. 19: Thank you for your service.