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Division membership update

Check out the division membership update for details about membership procedures and share the information with others.

By Capt. David M. Barry, MS

Thank you to the nearly 750 individuals who joined Div. 19 or renewed their membership since August 2014. You are part of a vibrant community of students and professionals who are dedicated to the science and practice of psychology in military contexts. Please help grow this community by telling your colleagues about the benefits of Div. 19 membership. Here are some frequently asked questions from prospective and current members:

  • Why should I join or renew membership with Div. 19?
    Whether you are a first year graduate student or experienced professional, you will be eligible for travel awards, research grants, writing contests, and other opportunities that Div. 19 offers its members. You'll receive access to our journal Military Psychology and triannual newsletter The Military Psychologist . You will have immediate access our Listservs, websites and social media outlets, which consolidate job opportunities, research findings, clinical tools and other important announcements related to military psychology. You will also be able to build and maintain relationships with civilian and uniformed professionals throughout the world. Our programming and networking opportunities at the Annual APA Convention are well-attended, informative, and fun. Lastly, there are many opportunities to influence our field through leadership roles within Div. 19.
  • Do I have to be a dues-paying member of APA to join Div. 19?
    No. You can join Div. 19 as a professional affiliate or student affiliate without belonging to APA. Go to the division membership application and sign up for an APA User ID (that way, you can use the APA website to sign up for Div. 19). To be considered a full member or associate of Div. 19, though, you will need to also be a member or associate of APA.
  • I'm a Student Affiliate and I graduate this year. What happens next?
    After you finish celebrating your hard-earned accomplishments, email David M. Berry or Keith Cooke to let us know you graduated. We will automatically upgrade your membership status to full member, associate or professional affiliate for free. You will immediately be eligible for awards and grants and gain access to our growing early career psychologist community. Your upgraded membership will continue until the end of the calendar year.
  • What are the Div. 19 membership types and their dues?
    • Full members and fellows have doctoral-level degrees and are full members of APA. Dues are $27 a year.
    • Associates are full members of APA with master's-level degrees. Dues are also $27 a year.
    • Professional affiliates belong to Div. 19 without being associated with APA. Dues are $30 a year.
    • Student affiliates are undergraduate or graduate psychology students who may or may not be members of APA/APAGS. Dues are $10 a year.
    • International affiliates live outside the United States and Canada. Dues are $30 a year.

It is easy to sign up or renew your APA or division membership online. If you have any additional questions or ideas for enhancing membership opportunities, please contact David M. Berry.