Careers in Military Psychology

This information was consolidated with the intention of providing a synopsis of the types of career paths that may be available to individuals interested in Military Psychology. While the information below will provide a range of websites and organizations to explore, this is not a comprehensive list of career paths available to military psychologists.

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Range of Opportunities and Typical Careers

  • Clinical Psychologists — Active, Guard, Reserve, Civilian (direct employment with DoD, contract appointment with DoD, or off-base service to DoD personnel)
  • Research Psychologists — Government Civilians
  • Research Psychologists — Government Contractors
  • Professors

Typical Work Settings for Military Psychologists

  • Research Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Medical Centers, Hospitals, & Clinics
    1. Major hospitals and smaller clinics, personnel often change location every two-three years.
  • Military Schools and Bases
    1. Located at service training schools' military bases in the U.S.
  • Military Deployments Overseas
    1. Military overseas bases and small missions; combat zones; military hospitals.
  • Military Organization Offices
    1. The Pentagon; Service Headquarters Commands.
  • Employment

Major Military Organizations Supporting Psychological Research and Clinical Practices

Department of Defense

Air Force


U.S. Navy

Employment Websites