Membership is open to all APA members who are interested in adult development and aging, including psychologists who provide services to older adults, conduct research on adult development and aging, or interested in learning more about or teaching life span development and aging.


Communicate quickly and share information with representatives in academia, private practice, and governmental service through the division's online network of aging-field psychologists.

Enjoy opportunities for social and professional interactions with members.

Receive subscription to the Division 20 news.


Division members regularly serve on the APA Committee on Aging, testifying before congressional committees (e.g., funding for research on aging), and are active in training and professional issues.


Division representatives regularly engage with funding agencies (e.g., National Institute on Aging) and facilitate dialogue between those agencies and psychologists conducting scientific research.

The division works with the APA Science Directorate and offers diverse convention programming.


Division 20 offers annual awards for PhDs, including Distinguished Research Achievement Award, the Margaret Baltes Doctoral Dissertaion Award; and Students, including Retirement Research Foundation Student awards at the undergraduate, Master's and doctoral levels as well as more.


Membership Committee Co-Chair: David Chiriboga
Dept. of Child and Family Studies, MHC 2314
Florida Mental Health Institute
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL 33620
Telephone: (813) 947-1939