District of Columbia:
Graduate studies in the psychology of adult development and aging

Following are data on academic programs in the state that provide a specialization in adult development and aging. Data include titles of courses and seminars offered number of faculty with a specialization in adult development and aging, psychology specializations integrated with the study of adult development and aging, administrative organization of the program, availability of assistantships and traineeships in the program, practicum and internship placement opportunities and web addresses and contact persons for the program.

Catholic University of America (Department of Psychology)

Psychology Specializations Integrated with AD&A: Developmental, Applied Experimental

Courses and Specialized Seminars Offered: Cognition and Aging, Stress and Coping, Memory, Social Development

Number of Faculty in AD&A: 1 Full Time, 0 Part Time

Availability of Assistantships in AD&A: Department assistantships available only through research funding

Availability of Postdoctoral Opportunities in AD&A: Dependent on individual PI funded research 

Raja Parasuraman and James Howard 

Practicum and Internship Placements: None

James Youniss

Georgetown University (Department of Psychology) 

Courses and Specialized Seminars Offered: Conceptual Foundations of Developmental Science, Human Development in Context, Social Emotional Development, Lifespan Development: Brain and Cognition, Seminar in Cognition, Seminar in Cognitive Neuroscience, Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience, Systems & Cognitive Neuroscience

Number of Faculty in AD&A: 2 Full Time, 0  Part Time

Availability of Assistantships in AD&A: All accepted students are supported for at least four years via teaching, fellowships, university fellowships, or faculty grants.

Availability of Postdoctoral Opportunities in AD&A: These are available primarily through individual faculty research grants, though there are also some training grants which provide additional opportunities.

Practicum and Internship Placements: None

Other Relevant Information and Comments: This Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience concentration is closely allied with the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience at Georgetown and is one of two concentrations in Psychology’s Developmental Science program, the other concentration being in Human Development and Public Policy. Details about the Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience concentration, including the broader departmental and university context in which students are trained, may be found on the website.

Darlene V. Howard 
Georgetown University 
306 White Gravenor Building 
Washington, DC 20057-1001 
Telephone: (202) 687-4271
Fax: (202) 687-6050