Briggs Dissertation Award

This award is given for the best doctoral dissertation in applied experimental/engineering psychology.

Sponsor: Div. 21

The Briggs Dissertation Award is given for the best doctoral dissertation in applied experimental/engineering psychology.Recipients of this award are invited to deliver an oral presentation as part of the Div. 21 program at the annual meeting of the APA. The presentation should address a scientific or technical topic reflecting the research contributions of the recipient.
Eligibility for the Briggs award terminates exactly two years after the commencement date at which the doctoral degree was awarded. If the nomination is unsuccessful, the nomination will remain within the review process for a second year unless the nominee’s eligibility expires. The nominator will be called upon in the succeeding year for an update of the nomination package or additional information.
How to Apply

The doctoral committee chair or a member of the dissertation committee must nominate dissertations. Nominations must include an executive summary and the dissertation. Please submit the award nomination form (PDF, 40KB) or a nominating letter and supporting documentation. Email submissions are encouraged.

For division awards nominations and questions, please contact:

Doug Wiegmann, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison
3214 Mechanical Engineering Building
1513 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
Telephone: (608) 890-1932

Past Recipients

2015: Nicole Werner
2014: Christian Janssen
2013: Cara Fausset
2012: Tobias Grundgeiger
2011: Deborah Billings
2010: Michael Nees
2009: Arathi Sethumadhavan
2008: Anne McLaughlin
2007: Julian Sanchez
2006: Gareth E. Conway
2005: Nina Keith
2004: Tal Oron-Gilad
2003: Paul Ward
2002: Gary S. Olacsi
2001: Michelle Yeh
2000: Wesley A. Olson
1999: Beth Meyer
1998: Florian G. Jentsch
1997: Mark D. Lee
1996: Regina C. Colonia-Willner
1995: Nadine B. Sarter
1994: John F. Larish
1993: Jeffrey G. Morrison
1992: Wendy A. Rogers
1991: Michael F. Mohageg
1990: Alex C. Kirlik
1989: Deborah A. Mitta
1988: Chaya Garg-Janardan
1987: Lawrence H. Frank
1986: Rolf J. Braune
1985: Thomas S. Tullis
1984: Robert J. Beaton
1983: John G. Casali
1982: James C. Guttman
1981: Nicholas M. Simonelli
1980: Gerald Birdwell
1979: Gavan Lintern
1978: Lawrence A. Scanlon