Franklin V. Taylor Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Applied Experimental / Engineering Psychology

This award recognizes outstanding achievements made by a psychologist in the field of applied experimental/engineering psychology.

Sponsor: Div. 21

The Franklin V. Taylor Award recognizes outstanding achievements made by a psychologist in the field of applied experimental/engineering psychology. This award is based on evidence of outstanding contributions to the field by virtue of (1) research and publication, (2) special new contributions (e.g., equipment or techniques) or (3) general leadership in the field (e.g., teacher, director of laboratory, officer in societies). Recipients of this award are invited to deliver an oral presentation as part of the Div. 21 program at the annual meeting of the APA. The presentation should address a scientific or technical topic, provide a historical review of the recipient’s area of expertise or describe personal reflections on important events in the development of applied experimental or engineering psychology.
How to Apply

Please provide the following support for your nomination.

  1. Attach a letter showing the outstanding contributions your nominee has made to the field of applied experimental/engineering psychology. The Awards Committee believes that potential recipients will have contributed by virtue of (1) research and publication, (2) special new contributions, e.g., equipment or techniques, or (3) general leadership in the field, e.g., teacher, director of laboratory, officer in societies, etc. Please demonstrate how your candidate is outstanding with respect to one or more of these criteria. 

  2. Attach the candidate’s vita. 

  3. Previous nominations will be reconsidered by the Awards Committee. Please update the supporting material and include an updated vita. 

  4. Complete the nomination form for the Franklin V. Taylor Award (PDF, 27KB)

Email submissions are encouraged

For division awards nominations and questions, please contact:

Doug Wiegmann, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison
3214 Mechanical Engineering Building
1513 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
Telephone: (608) 890-1932

Past Recipients

2015: Phil Ackerman  
2014: Patricia DeLucia 
2013: Robert Proctor
2012: Penelope Sanderson
2011: Frank Durso
2010: John Senders
2009: Joel Warm
2008: Wayne Gray
2007: Robert Helmreich
2006: Paul Slovic
2005: Donald Norman
2004: Raja Parasuraman
2003: Deborah A. Boehm-Davis
2002: Wendy A. Rogers
2001: Peter A. Hancock
2000: Eduardo Salas
1999: Arther Dan Fisk
1998: Robert Glaser
1997: Ben B. Morgan, Jr.
1996: Robert S. Kennedy
1995: No Award
1994: Henry L. Taylor
1993: Christopher D. Wickens
1992: H.McIlvane Parsons
1991: Raymond S. Nickerson
1990: J. A. Thorpe
1989: Robert C. Williges
1988: Martin A. Tolcott
1987: Randall M. Chambers
1986: Harold P. Van Cott
1985: Harry L. Snyder
1984: David Meister
1983: Jesse Orlansky
1982: Robert R. Mackie
1981: Richard W. Pew
1980: Henry R. Jex
1979: William C. Howell
1978: Ward Edwards
1977: Jack A. Adams
1976: Stanley N. Roscoe
1975: George E. Briggs
1974: Edwin A. Fleishman
1973: Karl D. Kryter
1972: Warren H. Teichner
1971: Earl A. Alluisi
1970: Julien M. Christensen
1969: Ross A. MacFarland
1968: Norman H. Mackworth
1967: Ernest H. McCormick
1966: J.C.R. Licklider
1965: Walter Grether
1964: Alphonse Chapanis
1963: Paul M. Fitts
1962: Alexander C. Williams, Jr.