Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee serves to integrate and provide information on training opportunities in Rehabilitation Psychology, at the doctoral, internship and fellowship levels. The Committee also makes available information to members on funding mechanisms and administrative structures related to such training. William Stiers and Kirk Stucky have been instrumental in developing these resources.

The Committee, under its previous Chair Dave Patterson, developed and published training guidelines for Rehabilitation Psychology. These guidelines are being re-examined.

The Committee, through the work of Kate Brown, has developed and made available a list of Key Readings in Rehabilitation Psychology.

The Committee maintains liaison with the APA Board of Educational Affairs to integrated Rehabilitation Psychology activities, interests and goals with the broader APA efforts in education and training.

Chair, Education and Training Committee

William Stiers, PhD, ABPP (RP)
Division of Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Areas of expertise: stroke

Committee Members

Pamela Fitzpatrick, PhD
Philip Uy, PhD
Meredith Williamson, M.S.