Sections & Special Interest Groups


  • Pediatric Rehabilitation
    The purpose of the section is to promote healthy development in children with disabilities through direct psychological services, consultation, advocacy, education and research.

  • Women’s Issues in Rehabilitation
    The purpose of the section is to encourage, promote, and facilitate contributions by division members and other psychologists to the field of Rehabilitation Psychology particularly as they pertain to women, and to represent the interests of women to the Division within the APA and to external constituencies.

Special Interest Groups

  • Assistive Technology
    In Assistive Technology: Matching Device and Consumer for Successful Rehabilitation, contributing authors explore ways psychologists and other helping professionals can collaborate with users of assistive technology to help them get the most out of these devices.

  • Deafness
    The Special Interest Group on Deafness welcomes psychologists who are interested in providing services with the deaf and hard-of-hearing population.

  • Psychologists with Disabilities
    The purpose of this special interest group is to foster the spirit of disability community and sense of pride within Division 22, and to include the experience of disability in clinical practice, training, and research in the profession of rehabilitation psychology.

  • Early Career Psychologists
    This special interest group brings together mentors and early career psychologists to advocate for early career development needs.