I. Name and Purpose

A. The name of this organization shall be the Section on Pediatric Rehabilitation Psychology (Section I) of the Division of Rehabilitation Psychology (Division 22) of the American Psychological Association, herein referred to as the Section and the Division, respectively.

B. The purposes of this Section shall be to promote the general objectives of the American Psychological Association and the Division of Rehabilitation Psychology; to promote healthy development in children with disabilities through direct psychological services, consultation, advocacy, education and research; to provide a prominent voice for the rights of children with disabilities; to identify and address key factors in the disablement of children; to promote the development of models for the delivery of pediatric rehabilitation services; to foster collaboration in the sharing of information among clinicians working in pediatric rehabilitation settings; and to increase the quality and availability of pediatric rehabilitation psychology and neuropsychology training opportunities.

C. The Section shall establish no policies that are contrary to the policies of the Division or the American Psychological Association.