Med Associates Distinguished Contribution to Basic Behavior Analysis Award

This award recognizes an individual who has contributed innovative and important research that improves our understanding of basic behavioral processes.

Annual deadline: A call for nominations is issued in the fall.

Sponsor: Div. 25

How to Apply

Nominations should include:

  • At least one letter of nomination.

  • A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae.

Please send nominations electronically to April Kisamore, Caldwell University.

Past Recipients

2017: Howard Rachlin, Stony Brook University
2016: Ed Wasserman, University of Iowa
2015: Peter Urcuioli, Purdue University
2014: Tom Zentall, University of Kentucky
2013: M. Christopher Newland, Auburn University
2012: Peter R. Killeen, Arizona State University
2011: Michael Davison, University of Aukland
2010: Timothy Hackenberg, Reed College
2009: Marc Branch, University of Florida
2008: Murry Sidman, Northeastern University (emeritus)
2007: Francis K. McSweeney, Washington State University
2006: Edmund Fantino, University of California at San Diego
2004: Alan Baron, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
2003: Joseph Brady, Johns Hopkins University
2002: Philip Hineline, Temple University
2001: Kennon (Andy) Lattal, West Virginia University
2000: John Harrison, Boston University
1999: Tony Nevin, University of New Hampshire