Division Bylaws

Article I. Name and Purpose

  1. The name of this organization shall be the Division of Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse of the American Psychological Association (APA).
  2. The mission of this Division shall be to encourage the advancement of knowledge on the behavioral effect of psychotropic drugs and toxicants, which includes not only basic psychopharmacology research but also research into the determinants and treatment of substance abuse, the pharmacological treatment of mental illness, and other clinical uses of centrally active drugs. Three primary concerns of the Division shall be (a) disseminating research-based information on psychopharmacology and substance abuse within APA, in educational settings, and to other scientists; (b) encouraging the application of the results of psychopharmacology research to human affairs; and (c) consideration of education and policy issues pertaining to psychopharmacology, behavioral toxicology, and substance abuse.