MED Associates Brady-Schuster Award

The MED Associates Brady-Schuster Award honors a mid-career or senior scientist (at least 15 years after doctoral degree) who conducts outstanding research underscoring the fundamental importance of behavioral science to psychopharmacology or substance abuse. Award winners will receive $500, an engraved plaque, and travel support for the recipient to attend and present an address at the annual APA convention.

Annual deadline: January 7


Nominations must be based on an established record of outstanding research in psychopharmacology, behavioral pharmacology or substance abuse. The nominees' research must underscore the contribution of behavioral science in one or more of these interdisciplinary research areas. APA and Division 28 members are preferred.

How to Apply

Nominations must include:

  • A letter detailing the nominee's scientific contributions

  • The nominee's resume or Curriculum Vitae

  • Selected reprints or manuscript(s) describing the research on which the nomination is based

For any nominations, please forward all materials to:

Sharon Walsh 
Center on Drug and Alcohol Research
University of Kentucky
515 Oldham Court
Lexington, KY 40502

Past Recipients

2013: Richard Foltin, PhD
2012:  Warren Bickel
2011:  Stephen T. Higgins
2010:  Jack Henningfield
2009:  Victor G. Laties
2008:  Chris Ellyn Johanson
2007:  Robert Balster
2006:  James Woods
2005:  Nancy Mello
2004:  George Bigelow
2003:  Linda Sobell
2002:  Roland Griffiths
2001:  Marilyn Carroll
2000:  Maxine Stitzer